WDC Chinese Qualifier Update

General Brett “Brettis” C

With WDC just around the corner, the qualifiers are heating up in China with the top 8 Chinese teams battling it out for only 3 spots, to go join Nv.Cn, the winner of WDC 2010 in the offline finals. We look forward to the results with just under half of the games being played so far, and just over a week of games left.

WDC Chinese Qualifier
China iG.Z44012
China PanDa4319
China DK3216
China iG.Y4226
China LGD4226
China EHOME2020
China WE2020
China Tyloo3030

The run to the finish is surely going to be quite a show, with only 3 teams being able to qualify along with last years winner Nv.Cn, so many good teams will have to miss out. Each team having to play 7 games, so even the teams down the bottom still have a chance of qualifying. With little over a week remaining in the qualification (Last games scheduled for 29th Sep) the race to the finish heats up as the teams battle for national pride to prove they're the strongest.

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