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General Kai “Treble1999” Chua

Scythe - now known as MYM

A few weeks ago, we were all shocked to hear about the disbandment of legendary Danish powerhouses MYM, especially after a respectable fourth placing in "The International". As Maelk and co. parted ways, the MeetYourMakers organisation set about recruiting a new team.

In a surprising move, MYM announced today the formation of a new team. The new MYM will include the players from Scythe-Gaming, as well as Malaysian superstar YaMateH.

New MYM roster:
Singapore Hyhy
Singapore iceiceice
Singapore Roy
Singapore Tofu
Singapore xy-
Malaysia YamateH

Statement from hyhy:
-"The past year with Scythe Gaming wasn't exactly the best one we ever had, but still it was a great run and I'm glad we marked the end with a 3rd placing at the DotA 2 International. Now we have come to a new beginning and I'm proud to confirm that my team and I will be working together with MYM for the year to come, as their new DotA squad. We will put up our best for MYM and I'm convinced they will do the same for us. Hopefully we'll live up to the expectations and goals set before us."

Statement from YamateH:
-"I'm glad to once again team up with hy, especially under the MYM name. I believe it will be a great cooperation and I'm looking forward to the future with high hopes."

Can this new Asian division of MYM be able to fill the boots of their old Danish counterparts? Only time will tell.

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