Preigniter nerfed in PTR Patch 1.4.0.

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
Blizzard have released the patch notes for PTR 1.4.0. The patch implements important balance changes such as nerfs to infernal preigniter, blink and fungal growth and improves immortal attack range and warp prism shields.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.4.0


A new Career page displaying placement in past seasons has been added to the League & Ladders section of the Profile.
The upload timeout period for publishing custom maps has been increased significantly.
SLI performance has been improved.
D3D memory management has been improved.
When file corruption is detected in un-repairable files (replays, saved games, or downloaded maps), a prompt to run the Repair Tool will no longer occur.

Game Options

Added three privacy settings to the Options menu under the section.
Only allow friends to send me invites.
Only allow friends to send me chat messages.
Set status to Busy when playing a game.
Added the FPS Toggle hotkey to the hotkey dialog.
Added Display Game Tooltips setting to the Options under Gameplay that can be turned off to prevent tooltips from appearing when playing a game.

UI and Display

A Launch PTR button will now appear on the login screen when the PTR is available. Clicking this button will close the retail client and launch the PTR client.
Improved error messages when a unit is required but none is targeted to provide required target information.
UI Frame used in .SC2Layout files has more anchoring flexibility.
Loading an old saved game will now give an option to restart the mission in the new version of StarCraft II instead of loading it in the old version without access to achievements.
Player names in the Name Panel in observer or replay mode will now be based off the player’s locations on the minimap. For example the player closer to the left side of the minimap will appear on the left side of the name panel.
When a building is canceled or salvaged the minerals returned will be displayed at the building location for the owner, for enemy players a floating text will be displayed.
Toggle Team Colors in 1v1 and Free-for-All when observing and during a replay will not change player colors.


An error notification sound is now played if a placement location cannot be found when unit training completes.
Most existing alert sounds are now reduced in volume when a new alert sound plays.
Transmissions without a valid sound file will now display a subtitle during cinematics even if the player has turned off subtitles.
Added a new Alert Fade option to control how much existing alert sounds fade when new alert sounds are played.



Unit vision up ramps has been reduced by 1.


  • Attack range increased from 5 to 6.
  • Acceleration increased from 0.3 to 1.375.
  • The Mothership’s Cloaking Field no longer cloaks all units instantaneously, but rather adds units to the cloak field over time (maximum of 25 per second). This should alleviate “Mothership Lag” issue when a Mothership comes online.
  • Blink research time increased from 110 to 140.
Warp Prism
  • Shields increased from 40 to 100.


  • Build time increased from 60 to 65.
  • Infernal Pre-Igniter damage upgrade decreased from 10 to 5.
  • Seeker missile movement speed increased from 2.5 to 2.953.


  • Fungal Growth damage changed from 36 (+30% armored) to 30 (40 vs Armored).
  • Morph cost decreased from 50/100 to 50/50.
  • Contaminate energy cost increased from 75 to 125.
  • Build time decreased from 70 to 55.

Read the full patch notes (including many bug fixes and improvements to the galaxy editor) by following the source link bellow. Also, share your thoughts on the patch in the comments.

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