BeSt with 100 ProLeague wins

General Lukasz “McBat” Grzelak

BeSt, the SKT T1 team player managed to collect 100 wins in his ProLeague career, after defeating FireBatHero, the Air Force ACE team member on June 29th.

BeSt is not the first player who achieved 100 wins in ProLeague but that definitely does not diminish the achievement. He carved his name in the history of the professional StarCraft gaming and he did it thanks to great determination and probably the best Protoss vs Protoss match-up skills.

BeSt appeared on the ProLeague scene in 2006 in the SKT T1 team. He won 3 and lost 3 games but as it turned out year 2007 was to be BeSt's year. He became a regular player of his team and continued to improve his results. After about five years, he managed to collect 100 wins, after defeating FireBatHero in the SKT T1 vs. Air Force ACE match. Thus with this achievement he join players such as Reach, FlaSh, JaeDong, Bisu or iloveoov who have also achieved the same result

Some players have achieved 100 wins a long ago and they are reaching for their 200 victories now. Compared to them my record seems insignificant, although my success still makes me extremely satisfied, said BeSt in an interview. And he adds: My mom came to see the match today and I am very happy about achieving my 100th win in her presence. I hope that she is proud to have a progamer son.

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Lukasz “McBat” Grzelak
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