Another Retry

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The Russian collective known as The Retry have once again reformed. The newly-formed team have found themselves a sponsor, as well as an up-and-coming star fresh from the Russian DotA scene.

After a long stretch of months, PGG has finally formed himself a new team. They call themselves The Original Retry and this time they've managed secure sponsorship from an individual named Freeman. The new team consists of Russian scene Stalwarts and a rising star from the very same scene.

Russia PGG (c)
Russia Rain
Russia Santa
Ukraine Amsi
Russia BloodAngel

GosuGamers caught up with Amsi for brief statement.

I have played with pgg for a long time, as have Santa and Rain with eachother, so we decided to make a team. BLoodAngel is a genius of DotA. He is the most promising prospect in Russia, so pgg invited him to the team. We will participate in the upcoming Intel SuperCup and HollyMaster will give us a chance in the F4F qualifiers, but the main event for us is Asus spring. I want to thank Freeman for his help as a sponsor.