Silhouette coming Friday, featured in Spotlight video

General Alex “Gemmanite” Bianchi
The female ninja Silhouette is a deadly, ranged Agility hero with an arsenal of tricks up her sleeve. See her in action in the newest Hero Spotlight video, and get ready for her debut on Friday!

Death Lotus: Passively creates up to 4 spinning blades that circle around her dealing magic damage. Can be activated to shoot blades outward and deal a larger magic damage nuke. Blades reappear when cooldown is reset.

Tree Grapple: Throws a rope in target direction that travels up to 1200 range and attaches to the first tree it hits. While grappled to a tree, Silhouette gains 100 bonus movement speed and can either reel herself in or pull the tree from its roots to send it flying. Any unit she or the tree pass through will be hit by a physical stun and get damaged.

Relentless Salvo: Passive ability making Silhouette's normal attacks apply a 3-second stacking debuff to a target, making each following attack deal more damage. Stacks up to 5 times. Whenever Silhouette uses one of her other abilities, she gains an attack speed boost either for the next 4 seconds or until she attacks twice, whichever comes first.

Shadow: Creates an illusion that you can swap places with instantly, with a moderate cooldown. Disjoints and dispels debuffs.

Silhouette looks like she will be quite the mobile hero, with Tree Grapple giving her a 1200 range pseudo-blink and Shadow allowing her to be in two places at once. This could be used in a Sand Wraith style of play, where you have the illusion with your team in case you need to suddenly join up with them while farming a lane by yourself.

One possible drawback is that she doesn't look like she will scale as well as some other Agility heroes, perhaps making her more equipped for an active, ganking role in the mid-game. As shown at 2:38 in the video, she can put out some good burst damage with the temporary attack speed boost from Relentless Salvo.

What are your thoughts so far on this stylish ninja assassin?

Alex “Gemmanite” Bianchi
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