SjoW, Thorzain, NightEnD takes on Norway

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

Majority of Europe's top talents chose Danish Copenhagen Games instead of the Norwegian The Gathering. Nonetheless, high profile players as SjoW, Thorzain and NightEnD will battle for gold in Norway.

The Gathering's administration had hoped to present 16 invited players, but due to "great competition from other LANs in the easter" they ended up at 11 players only. To fill the empty seats, an additional five qualifier spots from the BYOC qualifier got added.

The six Swedes invited to the tournament along with Romanian player NightEnD are the most experienced and limelighted players in the list of invites. Bearing the top dog tag is Jeffrey "SjoW" Brusi as he is one of the highest earning non-Korean players as well as the Intel Extreme Masters European champion.

The on-site BYOC qualifier starts tonight, April 20 at 22:00 in order to fill up the last spots in the main tournament. Main tournament will then start at 11:00 CET on Thursday, April 21.

26 players have already qualified through the online qualifiers held previously in March and April.

The tournament will be covered by PraeTV.

Invited players
Norway isaK, Norway Snute, Norway Fredz, Norway Fury, Sweden SjoW, Sweden Bischu, Sweden Thorzain, Romania NightEnD, Sweden FuRy, Sweden Cytoplasm, Sweden SaSe

Qualified players
Norway RiChY, Norway MeltZy, Norway Hydrafucaz, Norway Excludos, Norway Raindog, Norway ChakrA, Norway Decophly, Norway bulletone, Norway Virulence, Norway Kare, Norway Chi, Norway fubb, Norway olemann, Norway tzufri, Norway Celedan, Norway Seriously, Norway CheezyJunk, Sweden Mover, Norway Skruffy, Norway Crestfallen, Norway Renzor, Norway Neivler, Norway Hokage, Norway Luvz, Norway Dmn, Norway eyemo

Prize pool
1. $5,100 USD
2. $1,700 USD
3. $900 USD

Map pool
Shakuras Plateau
Shattered Temple
Typhon Peaks
MLG ICCup Testbug v1.1
Xel`Naga Caverns
TSL3 GSL Terminus Re v1.0
Tal'Darim Altar - Ladderversion

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