Official: KellyMilkies to cast GOMTV GSL Code A alongside Tastosis

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

It is now official that Kelly "KellyMilkies" Ong Xiao Wei will take on the job as a GOMTV commentator for the upcoming GOMTV Global StarCraft 2 League March.

She was the most suitable candidate out of the many applicants they reveiwed, can be read on the GOMTV website.

- "We are doing our best to find the best and most suitable caster for GSL Code A so for the time being, please show us your support for Kelly and GSL March," vows GOMTV.

Ong Xiao Wei will for the March edition cast alongside Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski and Nick "Tasteless" Plott who will take turns casting.

In an interview with, the new GOMTV caster replies to the critique she received regarding her "thick accent" and "weak game sense".

- "I have seen some of the things people have said, some of them are just overly critical and outright aggressive, while others have some criticisms that I will take into regards for sure. People have to understand I am not trying to take Tastosis away from them, they are really overworked at the moment, they have a lot to cast - Code S, GSTL. They are only supermen up to a point of time," she said.

- "I think the biggest point when it comes to having an accent is if people are open enough to accept it. My buddy Rotterdam has a pretty thick accent but he is well loved by the community so most people do not have a problem with him. I hope the community will come to love and accept me and I will work very hard on earning that," she said.

The upcoming season of GSL kicks off on Monday, February 21 with foreigners Chris "HuK" Loranger and Dai "Loner" Yi entering the tournament.

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