SCL Week 2 Replays

General Bryan “Micro” Wood
The second week of the SCL finished up early Friday morning, after starting late Thursday night. Of the 12 teams that are involved, 5 have still yet to feel defeat in a series.

Week One Results
Division One
United States VILE 4-0United States GMMA
Canada ROOT 4-1United States tQ
United States vT 4-3Brazil CNB
Division Two
United States ONE 4-1United States OD
United States vVv 4-1United States sPs
Canada NrG 4-2United States EG
There were a lot of games played over the two days that take up the SCL, being each Tuesday and Thursday evening. Many names you will recognize, and a few that you may be learning of for the first time if you haven't been following along. As you can see, week one brought some upsets and went to plan according to some. Now that week two has finished, we'll give you the chance to re-watch the VODs and the replays!

With week 3 starting in only two days, lets take a look at what you're going to want to tune in for with us as we cast all of the matches live.

Tuesday at 7pm EST or Wednesday 01:00 CET, vTgaming will be taking on ROOT-Gaming. Both teams have very strong players and as you'll notice in week 2 from the replays they put up good games.

On Thursday at the same time as the match above, another epic series will be taking place. ONE will be facing off against NrG, if you don't know about either of these teams then look at the most recent TSL#3 qualifier for ONE. As for NrG, just look at Week One going 4-2 against EG.

Of course there will be more matches on each of those days, but we'll start out strong. So stay tuned here on GosuGamers for replay packs at the end of each week!

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