National Challenger Cup: Random-rANDY Impresses With All Three Races in Semi Finals

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 23 January 2011 16:57

"rANDY-Random" showed off with all three races in the semi finals, and took home the €100 after winning the first edition of the GosuGamers National Challenger Cup, sponsored by Inside Nation.

The Semi Finals

In the semi finals, Finnish Terran, Satiini, made it through after a 3-1 victory against German Terran JuNe. JuNe seemed to have control in the mirror series after convincingly winning the first game on Jungle Basin, but Satiini turned it around for the first spot in the grand final.

rANDY started out his series against Adelscott playing Terran, and out-macored the Frenchman on Jungle Basin. In the second game, rANDY chose random which led to a Protoss vs Protoss mirror, and with far positions on Metalopolis it took a while before Adelscott knew what race he was facing. A 4-gate push was too much for Adelscott who only had two gateways done at the time rANDY marched in, and it was 2-0 for the Brit.

In the third game on Scrap Station, rANDY wisely chose Zerg, but it was Adelscott who started out with the early aggression this time with two early zealots killing off some drones, denied the expansion for rANDY putting up a cannon walled in with pylons behind the mineral line, forcing the Zerg to cancel in the last second. What Adelscott was unaware of however, was the hatchery inside his main. Suddenly creep started spreading, but before Adelscott had the time to react roaches popped up. They did the damage they needed, killed a ton of probes, and Adelscott had to GG from the third consecutive time, and leave the tournament empty-handed.

The Grand Final

rANDY decided to stick with Protoss this time, and did so brilliantly. In the first game a proxy gateway would force a heavy pressure on the Finnish Terran right from the start of the series; he managed to hold it off for a while, but lost too many SCVs doing so, and rANDY could later run over him from both of the entrances in his base on Jungle Basin.

Satiini was the one to put the pressure on in game two on Xel'Naga Caverns, but rANDY responded very well to the bunkers inside his mainbase by putting up three pylons outside his ramp to prevent any marines from entering the base, and Satiini had to salvage his bunkers. Of course no biggie for the Terran who will happily get 100% of the minerals back from the bunker company.


rANDY's follow-up wasn't all that great however, losing two void rays very easily along with his ground forces, the Brittish Protoss wasted no time in trying to get back into the game and tapped out early. 1-1 as Satiini equalized.

Satiini started out good in the third game, gained an early advantage after his scouting reaper got three SCV kills, followed up with a Banshee getting a decent amount of SCVs as well. But the big turn came when Satiini decided to do a very unfortunate timed drop - two medivacs full of marines reached the Protoss expansion right when rANDY reached the Terran base with his full army, and from there the Protoss could take the game, 2-1 for rANDY.

A four-gate rush did not turn out the way rANDY would've hoped in game four on scrap station, instead a Banshee could clean up all the probes in the Protoss mineral line while bunkers and tanks could hold off the Protoss army, and shortly after a fifth and deciding game was a fact.


In the fifth and deciding game on Shakuras Plateau rANDY put up a proxy stargate by the second entrance to Satiini's base, warped in his units there, mostly zealots, and moved out once he had three void rays. Satiini's marines, one raven, and a tank was not enough to hold it off, even by repairing the bunke, and the frustration set in when Satiini realized the €100 wasn't realistic anymore and left the game. rANDY won the series 3-2, and we'll have an interview with him up by tomorrow!

For everyone's information, rANDY is considering making Protoss his main race, but has until now played mostly Zerg, but claims he wins more playing Protoss.


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