iNfeRnaL: 'I'm happy to team up with my old mates, ZpuX and Naugrim!'

General Lasse “Enron” Engen

We are proud to present our latest addition for Team GosuGamers, Patrick "iNfeRnaL" Möller brings life to Aiur in our team. The German Protoss player is the third player in our line-up, teaming up with ZpuX and Naugrim.

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Patrick "GGiNfeRnaL" Möller - GosuGamers SC2 team player

infernaljoinGG.JPGHey Patrick, welcome to the team! How does it feel to become a part of the GosuGamers professional StarCraft 2 team?

- Hi, thanks! I'm happy to play with my old mates Mat (Naugrim) & Tobi (ZpuX) in a team again and of course I'm also happy to do so for as it's always been one of the two sites for StarCraft relevant infos! :)

What got your interest to team up with GosuGamers?

- Well obviously Mattias and Tobias has been a main factor for that, but also because I know there's professional people standing behind the organisation that is - people that have proven multiple times that they're reliable and very vital to our e-Sports scene, so I am convinced that we can form a great team as well!

What do you think the future has in store for you and your team?

- Awww that's a mean question because I obviously do not know the future, but I sure will do my best to make it a bright one. But only time will tell! :P

Could you tell us a little about your playstyle and why you play Protoss?

- Well, my playstyle still varies a lot because the game still changes with every patch and every new strategy discovered, but I guess I'm still a macro oriented player who prefers the longer games over the short ones - but that is sometimes not the best solution as Protoss anymore so you gotta mix it up.

The second part is easier to answer - I play Protoss because I always did so the last 10 years and I just cannot possibly seem to like any other race as much, even tho BW Protoss felt more baller than SC2 Protoss - it's still cooler than any other race just style-wise :D

What are your thoughts on the latest patch, how has the patch affected you? Do you use Phoenixes more often now?

- Well I would not certainly say I use them more often because I've always used them - how do you make Colossi work without them anyway? But obviously I appreciate it because a Terran could outproduce you like no tomorrow before if he went 2 Starport reactor Vikings. Zerg's however are QQ'ing about it because they build so fast, which is kinda reasonable as well since P had the air superiority in that matchup before the patch already.

You have been inactive for a while in StarCraft 2, but during the beta you did very well, where do you stand as of now?

- Well inactive is only half of the truth. In fact I only was really inactive for 2-3 months, then I played occasionally again - which would sometimes only be a few games against Mondi - but still enough to maintain at least some skill. Since a month and a half I've decided that I'm still a nerd after all and I should give it a go again - and I think I'm already quite good again except for having troubles with PvP which seems to be my very personal nightmare as it haunted me in BW already.

You've signed up for the GosuGamers National Challenger Cup (starting Saturday 22nd, 13:00 CET), what do you think about your chances there?

- I really don't know because I don't know a lot of people in the scene except for the old BW guys so I don't want to make any bold statements, haha. Will give my best though!

As you said earlier you'll be teaming up with your old teammates, ZpuX and Naugrim - Could you tell us anything about them we might not know already?

- Mat (Naugrim) likes to hug trees! Tobi likes to get drunk in the USA! But I guess those ones are known already?! Haha

What's the story behind your nickname, iNfeRnaL?

- It's because I used to be called "Peacemaker", but that didn't really fit as I wasn't exactly playing this game for love and peace, so I wanted something more evil. And iNfeRnaL looks really good as well :P

Any final words to your fans out there?

- Well I think I've been undercover for too long so thanks to those who encouraged and supported me back then - and I hope that I can provide them with even more good games than I did in BW in the future. =)

Lasse “Enron” Engen
I am no longer a crewmember of GosuGamers, irl got the best of me, aaaargh!