Tremors in China

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Rumors have been floating around that the top China teams are all going through massive changes right before Chinese New Years. After much research, some of those rumors can be confirmed.

First of all, EHOME, China and also the world's best team at the moment will lose two of its core players, KingJ and Burning. Having added the two players back in early 2010, they are the ones that brought EHOME to victory after victory. They will now move on and join DK in a new powerhouse line up.

In addition, Benz aka Sharingan from LGD.sGty who recently announced that he will be taking a break from competitive DotA will also be joining DK.

DK Roster:
China DK.Ksssssss
China DK.Yueru
China DK.AAA
China DK.KingJ
China DK.beNz

Elsewhere, Nirvana.Cherry's star carry player, Zhou has decided to leave as well. He will be heading to CCM. Former Deity player, Xiao8 and 430 along with DDC from Dream will be heading to CCM as well. The whereabouts of former CCM player, Xiaoluo and Gx is currently unknown.

CCM Roster
China CaoMei(Leader)
China Zhou
China xiao8
China DDC
China 430
China Sansheng

Zhou will be replaced by Crystal who formerly played for Dream and CityHunters.

Nirvana.Cherry Roster
China Dgc(Captain)
China YaphetS
China Lanm
China Banana
China Crystal

Word on the street is that more changes are to come as EHOME have yet to find a replacement for both KingJ and Burning. Not to mention team World Elite who is better known for their WarCraft 3 team is in the midst of forming a DotA team with the help of 2009. Tyloo gaming is also rumored to be forming a team as well.

More info to come when Chinese New Year is over. So stay tuned!