8 Questions to Dynamic's Yayba, returning Protoss

General “Raistlin”
You are a Protoss player, and have been so ever since StarCraft: Brood War. Did you have any thoughts of changing race with StarCraft 2 coming along?

- No. From the very beginning I wanted to play Protoss also in StarCraft 2. A lot of known BroodWar players changed their races but I remain faithful to Protoss :) I believe that Protoss will be stronger with each of the next patch and I would like to focus on mastering just one race.

What do you think of the current balance in the game?

- In my opinion there is still a lot of work to do with the current balance in the game, especially in PvT where terran’s bio is unbelievably strong and protoss without units like HT or colossus is usually doomed to fail. Probably a lot of people won’t agree with me but as I said, it’s just my opinion.

How would you describe your play style?

- It’s hard to describe my current play style because I still learn to play :) But as in StarCraft: Brood War I try to be aggressive from the very beginning and take control of the game as fast as it’s possible.

"There is still a lot of work to do with the current balance in the game, especially in PvT"
What are your goals for 2011?

- My main goal is just to become better and better and if I succeed, I will be very happy :)

What are your thoughts on your new team and its members?

- I’m sure that my new team gives me a chance and opportunities to improve my skill and a good cooperation in the nearest future. The team managers are very helpful and we have skilled players whom I can practice. At this moment I would like to thank our partner Classic Wheels, Raptor-Gaming, BlueElph,CustomData and N1PING.

Poland has always had big talents in the StarCraft scene. We see Tarson and MaNa in the top of the scene today. What speaks for your success in the future?

- To be honest I really don’t know if I achieve a success in the future but I can promise I will do my best.

Will you focus fully on StarCraft 2 now, or what do you do outside Battle.net?

- When it comes to computer games I focus fully on StarCraft 2. Also I play some poker :)

If you were to compare StarCraft: Brood War with StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty as a Protoss player, what would you say has changed?

- I think that StarCraft 2 is much easier game than Brood War. You don’t need to focus on clicking each building separately to make units. Now you can connect all buildings to a single key and enjoy the production units during focusing just on micro. In my opinion it’s a big facilitate for players who have never played Brood War or Warcraft 3, but this not necessary shows the true skill of players.

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