GosuGamers Awards 2010: Korean Player of the Year

General Patrick “chobopeon” Howell O'Neill

Vote for the player who, in your opinion, was the Korean of the year 2010. The voting will end on January the 14th, and the winner will be presented shortly thereafter.

MCAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea MC

MC must be considered one of the favorites to win this award. His impressive and consistent play won him a GSL title in December and has seen him qualify for every GSL 2010 tournament, an uncommon feat. His charisma has won him fans: his HuK sweatshirt, his ostentatious celebrations and his rare but exciting use of English has endeared him to thousands of Western fans. He enters 2011 as one of the best players in the world and a threat to anyone he faces.

FruitDealerAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea FruitDealer

FruitDealer has a legion of fans. Talk about hero credentials: his name comes from his time running his family’s fruit stand when his father was ill. He won the first GSL season as Zerg at a time when Zerg was viewed as the overwhelming underdog and went into each round with the least representation among all races. In the second GSL he fell to MarineKing, a strong opponent, and in the third GSL he advanced all the way to the quarterfinals. He is one of the most consistent players in Korea and one of the most well-loved.

TesterAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea Tester

From the beginning, Tester was a force to be reckoned with. His beta play was strong and he won a rash of tournaments in Korea and outside of it. When the game was released in July, Tester was considered a favorite to win GSL’s and take the game to new heights. In season one, he advanced to the round of eight before falling to Rainbow. However, from there, he never seemed to live up to the hype. He did not qualify for the next two GSL’s. Although he did perform quite well in an all-star invite tournament where he defeated Genius and Nada, as of now he is massive potential yet unfulfilled.

NesTeaAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea NesTea

NesTea began his StarCraft 2 career with a whimper, exiting the first GSL in the first round. However, the second GSL saw him crowned a champion, sweeping through the tournament and not losing a single game until the back and forth final match with the Terran MarineKing. He cemented his position in the top tier with a stellar showing in the third GSL, advancing to the quarterfinals where he lost to the villain Terran Rain. He enters 2011 as a frightening player, likely to take out any who stand in his way.

MarineKingAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea MarineKing

MarineKing, the Terran who presumed to initially name himself BoxeR after The Emperor himself, is our next nominee. One needs look no further than his name to see this player’s impact: he used Marine’s well, better than almost anyone in the professional circuit and his skill came within a single game of winning the second GSL before NesTea was crowned champion. In the next GSL, MarineKing advanced to the quarterfinals before being eliminated by an ascendant and unbeatable MC. His aggressive and successful style has earned him one of the most solid reputations in the game.

GeniusAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea Genius

Genius is another player who excites fans with his solid play, whose potential is widely talked about but has yet to be realized. He did win Blizzcon 2010 but the tournament only had one other Korean, Maka. His GSL high point came in season two when he reached the quarterfinals before being eliminated by Rainbow, making him the single most successful Protoss player of the season. However, the next season saw him eliminated in the second round by an ascendant Rain, leaving many to wonder when if ever the smart Protoss would make a worthy mark on the GSL. 2011 is his chance.

SlayerS_BoxeRAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea SlayerS_BoxeR

The Emperor himself, the single biggest star in e-sports history, is our next nominee. His switch alone meant StarCraft 2 gained a few fans, people waiting to see if BoxeR would succeed at another game. He immediately rewarded his fans by advancing all the way to the semifinals of the second GSL, his first major StarCraft 2 tournament. His creativity and ingenuity was on display at once. He fell in the second round of the third GSL, thus leaving his mob of fans waiting a bit more before seeing his next master stroke.

MvpAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea Mvp

MVP is a strong Terran whose GSL finishes (ro32 in GSL2, ro16 in GSL3) and excellent ladder play (the world’s first 3,000 rating) have led him to this group. He is an accomplished Brood War player as well, having qualified for numerous Starleagues, making him the most recently top tier player to make the switch to StarCraft 2.

MakaAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea Maka

Maka, formerly a Warcraft 3 player, is another player saddled with great expectations. This time, the player did not falter entirely on a large stage: He has gone far in the GSL twice, reaching the quarterfinals (GSL1) and the round of 16 (GSL3). He has influenced popular play by popularizing forward Barracks (Maka rax) to aid aggression but not commit entirely to an all-in push. He enters 2011 with large questions and larger hopes.

RainBOwAwards2010.JPGSouth Korea RainBOw

One of the most consistent and feared played in StarCraft 2, Rainbow comes from a very impressive Brood War background. He opened his StarCraft career with two fantastic finishes: a final in season one and a semifinal following that. Although he was eliminated in the first round during GSL3, he enters 2011 as the highest ranked Terran in the GSL and one of the most respected players in the world.

The nominees have been carefully chosen by the GosuCrew. We look forward to hearing your favorites for this award! Thanks for keeping it respectful in the comment section below.