SGNDT'10: International participants

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
The long awaited participants list for SMM is finally revealed.

International Participants
Confirmed Teams
China Deity.DotaPhilippines Team NR
China DKPhilippines Mineski Grounds
China CCMPhilippines Roccat Prime
China TYJ.LGDIndonesia AlienwareDiGi
China EHOMEIndonesia Elite MV
China Nirvana.CherryIndonesia Ritter (MK)
China Dream.DotAAustralia
Thailand Axis.GIGABYTE DotaSingapore Xtreme Chaotix (XtC)
Thailand Roccat.TrustSingapore Vanquish.Gigabyte
Vietnam SB.Gigabyte
Unconfirmed Teams
China OxPChina As
China TyoChina Tust
China Rc.AstSingapore PMS|Asterisk*

Its not surprising seeing so many teams from China participating. EHOME who is considered the best team of the year will battling to get another gold for the year. Last year's champion FTD now known as TYJ.LGD will be working hard to defend their title.

MushI's new team CCM confirms their presence as well, this will be their debut tournament with the new roster. WDC winners, Nirvana.Cherry also grace SMM with their presence.

The Philippines have decided to go all out for SMM by sending a total of three teams. Will they achieve their dream of being world champions? Time will tell. Indonesia also sends there teams namely, AlienwareDiGi, Elite and Ritter (MK)

One of the rising team in the Asian DotA scene, Roccat.Trust will be trying their luck at SMM as well. Singapore only has one lone contender in the form of XtC while will be carrying the Australian flag.

International teams who have registered and confirmed their participation, but do not appear on the list kindly send an email to the head admin at [email protected]

Update: Another Singapore team joins the fray, Vanquish.Gigabyte led by star Singaporean player, xy.

Note: Team NR is not Happyfeet nor BattleGrounds.

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