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Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong at 24 November 2010 03:37
GameAche continues their pre-Digital Youth Awards coverage with another interview, taking a look at the unknown quantity from SEA, PMS*. Although they have established a name for themselves in the DotA scene, many have yet to see them play in HoN. furryfish draws some distinctions between both games and discusses the future of HoN. Here are parts of the interview.

What did it take to transition from DotA to Heroes of Newerth? How are the games similar and how are they different?

I think the main difference is the graphics. HoN graphics are more intense. Also, HoN seems to emphasize team play a lot more than DotA – in DotA, you can have one carry who can own the opponent, but in HoN you need five people who can work well together, and five heroes which complement each other. Basically, HoN seems to require a lot more teamwork.

Do you think teams from different regions (North America, Europe, Aisa) have different play styles in Heroes of Newerth?

Yes, I think they do. Players from the United States seem to be very focused on teamplay whereas Europeans appear to prefer individual performance. We don’t have a real strategy to counter different play, we’re just going to try to perfect how we normally play.

Do you think Heroes of Newerth will continue to grow as an eSport? Where will the game head in the future?

We definitely hope that HoN has a future in the competitive esports scene. However, I think more has to be done to get the game recognized as a competitive sport by the gamers. Having more competitions, with good prize money will definitely put HoN down as one of THE games to play. HoN also has to differentiate itself from other similar games, like DotA and LoL. I believe HoN will face a greater challenge with DotA 2 on the roadmap.

Will the girls from Singapore produce some upsets or will they fall due to the huge experience gap between them and the other 7 competitive teams? Watch out for the matches coming up this weekend at the Digital Youth Awards!

Check out the full interview here.

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