WDC - Playoffs

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
The group stages are over and the brackets for WDC is out now. Lets take a look at how the seedings went.

The team from Thailand, Roccat.Trust had an amazing run in the group stages, winning all three of their matches against Nirvana.CN, The Retry and ChengDu University. Lets see if they can keep it up playing against Deity in round 1 of the playoff brackets.

The Malaysians, Nirvana.MY and Aeon.MuFc will be fighting it out in round one as well to see who can bring the Malaysian pride the farthest. This will be one of the must watch games of the playoffs as both teams have been playing really well so far.

Just like the Malaysians, two Chinese team, Dream and Nirvana.CN will be vying to head into round two of the playoffs. Both teams are considered to be one of the best in China.

Finally we have what will be considered one of the best match ups of the playoffs. The Ukrainians who steamrolled over EHOME in their opening match will face China's TYJ.LGD who have shown great form in their match against MYM.

All games played are Best of Three.

Replays will be uploaded as soon as they are released.