Naniwa beats MorroW to win Champions Trophy

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In the middle of the all Terran dominance there was a upset yesterday, when the Swedish Protoss players Naniwa manage to take down MorroW in the final with 3-1.

Naniwa's way to the vicotry
Sweden Naniwa 2-0 Korea SeleCT
Sweden Naniwa 2-0 Spain LucifroN
Sweden Naniwa 2-0 France Adelscott
Sweden Naniwa 2-1 Sweden Sjow
Sweden Naniwa 3-1 Sweden MorroW

The German based team SK-gaming hosted a tournament called Champions Trophy yesterday. There were many good players in the lineup like MaDFroG, SeleCT, Dimaga and LucifroN. But in the end the Swedish Protoss player Naniwa ended up as the winner after winning against all the Terrans that was in his way.

- When i saw the bracket I knew I would have a really hard time, I was not sure at all about the match vs SeleCT, since I have seen hes in a good shape lately. I also knew that there was a good chance I would meet Adelscott and Sjow, who I think are both very good players, says Naniwa about the competition in the tournament.

Naniwa continues: - I knew I could go all the way, but it would be far more likely if MorroW did. Considering our past results.

The replays from this tournament will be released soon so stay tuned.

SK-Gaming - Look at the bracket