Go4Sc2 monthly final ended

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Eight players qualified by points from the weekly Go4Sc2 tournaments to the monthly final for August. We saw a lot of Protoss vs. Terran with a lot of close games but ended up with a rather one-sided final.

Go4Sc2 August Final
Quarter Finals
Finland Naama2-0Ukraine White-Ra
Ukraine Dimaga0-2Russia BratOK
Germany NarutO1-2Germany Socke
Sweden NaNiwa2-0Poland Tarson
Semi Finals
Germany Socke1-2Russia BratOK
Finland Naama0-2Sweden NaNiwa
Russia BratOK3-0Sweden NaNiwa
In the monthly finals of Go4Sc2 players compete for 500€ in addition to the regular 200€ that are given out every Sunday.

With the only Zerg eliminated early we instead had a lot of action in Terran vs. Protoss. The one to master this match up best was with no doubt Pavel "BRAT_OK" Kuznetsov who seems to be in top shape. Pavel eliminated Dimaga with ease 2-0 and moved on to face Socke who caused some trouble winning the first game on Metapolis. Pavel was able to come back strong though, using his famous drops to get the following games where he wanted.

In the final the Swedish Protoss NaNiwa who is known to be strong against Terran waited. The final games were never really close though, quite a disappointment and Pavel could secure his money safe 3-0.

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