GosuPro is here!

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Thats right folk, you heard it right. Your very own GosuCrew of DotA are now turning pro.

Having been involved in the scene for so long, it has been decided by a unanimous vote that we open our very own DotA team. However, we will not only have one but two DotA teams to cater to the vast variety of crew members from different countries. One team will compete in the Asian scene the other will compete in the Europe and US scene.

While both teams will be managed by GosuGamer admin, Raistlin, Zeyall and Sn4k3y will be the leader of the teams. Zeyall will be in charge of the Europe division and Sn4k3y will be in charge of the Asia division. The team will be named GosuPros and will be playing with the GP tag. GosuPro.Asia is already registered for ADC4 and GosuPro.Europe will be playing in the upcoming GosuCup 3.

Here is a breakdown of the teams and their roles:

GosuPro Europe:
Germany Zeyall - Leader/Carry
Germany ereskigal - Ganker
Sweden Tjernobylbarnet - Ganker
Netherlands ImCh1efPeasant - Supporter
Spain Ulii -- Carry

GosuPro Asia:
Bangladesh Sn4k3y- Leader/Ganker
Malaysia MrBlue - Supporter
Singapore mR.Jerry- - Ganker
Korea MeaNy - Carry
New Zealand onevoice - Carry

Here are some words from our two leaders:

Zeyall, DotA teamplar and GosuPro.Europe leader:
-"I am really proud to be able to announce the forming of GosuGamer's first ever DotA team. The team has already practiced together for a while now and everyone just synergies so well together. I am very confident we can take on the likes of MYM, DDT and Nirvana. We will be the next big name in DotA!"

Sn4k3y-, GosuPro.Asia leader:
-" It is indeed an honour to work with GosuGamers and now being able to represent GosuGamers is of a much bigger honour. I believe we have one of the best line-ups ever and we are ready for ADC'4. Bring it on Asia!"