FTZ gains new sponsors

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Ftz at SMM09

In a startling revelation, Ftz has now been picked up by Australian gaming organization, zK-Gaming and will now be known as Ftz.Zk. Along with Ftz, zK-Gaming from Australia has decided to pick up the recently formed Ftz|Cheri as their official all girls DotA team.

FTZ-Asia, the team that is best known for taking down MYM at SMM09 has finally found their new sponsor in zK-Gaming. Having gone through a myriad of changes in the past months such as losing their old manager, Chenizace, and core player, Mikebz, Ftz.Zk can now train harder, knowing that their expenses are being taken care of by their new sponsor.

zK-Gaming have also taken the initiative to promote the female DotA scene by picking up Ftz|Cheri as their official all-girls DotA scene to compete with the Singaporean counterpart, PMS|Asterisk* and China's Nirvana.Girl.

While zK-Gaming is an Australian based organization, its president, Ricky "xcentriq" has decided to pick up two foreign team in a grand scheme of expanding the organization's reach.

Ftz.zK roster:
Malaysia Vincent "BinG" Heng (Manager)
Malaysia Teoh "Mil|er" Boon Chuan (Leader)
Malaysia Lai "n[o]v.2" Keng Leong
Malaysia Low "BaObAo" Chong Yeow
Malaysia Ooi "D3" Kean Choon
Malaysia monkey

zK.Cheri roster:
Malaysia Rebecca "Becky" Kong
Malaysia Suki "Suki" Chan
Malaysia Stephy "Jing" Lee
Malaysia Mable "Nex" Ang
Malaysia Elizabeth "Liz" Cheang
Malaysia Sabee "Bee" Bee

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