Ducky calls DotA lessons daylight robbery!

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The captain of current dominating European Powerhouse Ducky's Dream Team, Andreas "Donald-Duck" S√łgaard was recently interviewed where he shared his experience in his new team, the professional circuit and his future in DotA among various other things in a lengthy article.

In this Interview, Ducky shared some details with the public ranging from his personal life about his relationship with his father to his opinion on recent attempts of professional players trying to capitalize on their fame by offering DotA lessons for money, calling it akin to robbery in broad daylight. He also discusses the possibility of retiring from DotA to pursue a career in the US.

When asked about the fundamental
"I won't leave the scene, at least not before a rematch against the Asians!"
difference between players now and time past, he mentions there are now more "Thinking Players" than those who follow their instincts and enter a Kamikaze mode, much like Loda's recent article on his blog. He also found Medusa as an annoying hero to fight against in the Asian scene, as "Asians defend dusa as if she's their mother" and Sven when against the European scene, due to his "imba auto-aiming stun".

Check out the full interview here.

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