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The Fires burn and the Tigers roar at MPL ID S9 Playoffs

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Two teams were swiftly eliminated from the Mobile Legends Professional League Season 9 as the playoffs got underway for Indonesia.

After a magnificent Regular Season came to an end nearly two weeks ago, MPL ID Season 9 was set up for its playoffs, with the six remaining teams ready to fight to become champions of the region. Unfortunately, with day one of the playoffs coming to an end, two teams already saw their hopes of being crowned as the champions of ID and reaching MSC 2022 come crashing down as they were swiftly sent packing – leaving only four teams after one day of action.

The Robots succumb to Fire

The first series of the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs would see the two teams who were eliminated first in Season 8’s playoffs going head-to-head – as either Aura Fire or Bigetron Alpha would lose their tournament lives. It was the exact series we expected from both of these teams from start to finish, as they threw everything at one another and took the series through to its full five-game duration. While Matt was able to secure some fantastic plays, Fluffy was able to match that on the other side.

Everything came down to a massive game five, as both teams fought tooth and nail to keep themselves in the tournament. But, when the dust settled, the Robots were unable to defend against the power of the Fire.

Alter Ego feared the Tiger’s Roar

It seemed as though it would be a completely different second elimination series for day 1 as EVOS Legends went up against Alter Ego. While EVOS still looked rather strong in the Regular Season, AE had fallen a long way, as they barely scraped their way into the playoffs. The power of the Tigers showed as they begun their assault with a fantastic Wanwan from Clover – before Antimage got a chance to show off his prowess with a Masha, both champions which we begun to see emerge a lot more towards the end of the Regular Season.

However, AE finally found some life as they took the Wanwan away and Nino proved that he could also dominate with the hero. With the win, AE looked to have finally woken up, as they dominated across the map, running down EVOS at every turn. In a crazy turn of events, AE brought the series back from the brink of death and got us to another five-game series for the day.

In the final game of the series, disaster struck for AE as they had a clear advantage until Pai disconnected in the EVOS base, which allowed the Tigers to make a huge comeback, taking the series 3-2 and eliminating Alter Ego.

It was an unfortunate way to end the day, with many technical issues in the final series, but when everything comes down to it, both Alter Ego and Bigetron Alpha would not be challenging for the MPL ID Season 9 championship after two epic series.


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