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The champions of Group A - MSC 2021

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Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021 is just a few days away and following the Group Stage draw, we look at the teams involved.

With the end of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) season a short time ago, we finally had all 12 teams participating in the upcoming MSC 2021 locked in. Although the event was cancelled last year, a mighty comeback was on the cards. Earlier today we saw the Group Stage draw take place, splitting the teams into four different groups, which will fight over a three-day period to reach the playoffs. With that in mind, let us take a look at the first group, featuring the winner of MPL – MY, the runner up of MPL – SG and IDNS, winners of the 2017 MSC event.

Group A

  • Resurgence (RSG) - Singapore
  • Resurgence (RSG) - Malaysia
  • IDONOTSLEEP (IDNS) - Thailand

The draw for Group A saw a massive surprise already coming out of MSC 2021 as the two RSG squads were drawn in the same group, followed by IDNS as the third team.

Runners up, champions, Singapore’s finest

  • Ly4ly4ly4
  • Sana
  • SynC
  • Diablo
  • Fosa

With the inaugural season of MPL – SG coming to a close recently, RSG SG were trumped only at the final hurdle, as they finished as proud runners up to EVOS SG. However, the team showed that their slogan of “Respect All. Fear None” shone through as they displayed some magnificent skills through the season. Having been the victors of the Mobile Legends Professional League MY/SG Season 5, when the two regions were still connected, taking a runner up spot is no small feat for a squad that has remained almost entirely the same.

With a team heavily versed in the ways of Guison, it will be interesting to see just what RSG SG bring to MSC 2021, and more importantly, can they triumph over their Malaysian brothers.

The champion’s organisation

  • Izanami
  • Kaizer
  • Leixia
  • Lolealz
  • Syno
  • Zacus

RSG, as an organisation, have been dominating the Southeast Asia esports scene for quite some time, and with the split of the MY and SG in the MPL, questions have arisen as to who the better team and region is. MSC 2021 is already set to give us an answer to this with both teams being in the same group as well as being the first series which we will witness in just a few days. Having just completed an amazing comeback victory over TODAK in the MPL – MY grand finals to claim the championship crown, RSG will be in high spirits and ready to fight.

Going into MSC 2021, we will definitely have to keep an eye on Leixia and his amazing Lancelot, which has already proven to be almost entirely unstoppable to challengers. Whatever happens, at least one RSG will be making it through to the playoff stage and now we just have to wait and see.

2017 champions return

  • Loysss
  • Hasaki
  • FlashXz
  • Renita ZanRi
  • Ramella

In 2017, the first ever Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup took place, which featured only eight teams from five different countries. IDONOTSLEEP were able to survive the lower bracket finals with a clean sweep before flawlessly dominating the grand finals too – claiming the first ever MSC title as their own. Although returning in 2018, IDNS were part of a vast amount of drama and technical issues and unable to properly defend their title. 2019 saw the Thai team eliminated in the second round of playoffs, before the 2020 event was cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic issues.

IDONOTSLEEP MLBB team posing with Ramella on the side
image courtesy of IDNS

IDNS, being the only Thai representative at the event, will have a lot to prove, especially in a tournament with two of the top teams right now. One of the special aspects of the team is the inclusion of Ramella, one of the only females competing and keeping up with the top MLBB players with ease. With top heroes very similar to what we’ve seen in the MPL meta, it will be interesting to see just what IDNS can bring to the MSC table and if they can claim another championship for the organisation.

The group stage series for Group A are:

Day 1

  • RSG MY vs RSG SG
  • RSG SG vs IDNS

Day 2

  • IDNS vs RSG MY

MSC 2021 begins on June 7, with teams definitely deep in preparation right now. Stay tuned to our MLBB channel in the coming days for more information on the teams, schedule and much more relating to the upcoming event


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