• Name Kyrl Haydn LIgan
  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth Jun 18, 1984
  • Primary game Dota 2

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OG.Sumail... Thank me later... ^_^.

Article 1/26/20, 2:37 AM

I would have loved GeekFam to advance but their midlaner performed poorly sad to say. Much better to change their mid in my opinion...

Article 11/9/19, 2:00 PM

Oh, it's you again, didn't I roast you a couple of months back? Have you seen a doctor already for professinal help?

Article 12/4/18, 12:26 PM

They should have stepped in a lot earlier, if they have just banned Kuku a lot earlier in the first place then this fiasco would have not occurred.

Article 12/4/18, 12:20 PM

That's why you have mute button for that. If you don't want to hear or read toxic comments just mute them on first offence and then get on with the game.

Article 12/4/18, 12:16 PM

Please read my post. Your comment is out of context. That's not even in my post. Pm me if you find your common sense.

Article 12/4/18, 11:18 AM

Guys please stop using the "C" word. You're only making matters worst. Valve has made a decision, we may agree with it or not but its Valve, Valve is the rule of law when it comes to Dota 2. So better forget this issue and move one. We may not agree on everything but one thing is for sure. We just want what's best for the game we love. Cheers...

Article 12/4/18, 10:45 AM

Are you high or something? What I'm trying to point at is that ROTK said an even worse racial slur towards pinoys. Valve didn't do anything. But on Kuku why? FYI, Kuku's actions cannot and will not be justified by anything. I repeat, it is a poor judgement on his part to use that Chinese slur just to be funny. That is unacceptable as a professional player.

Article 12/4/18, 10:41 AM
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