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First of all, I'm not an pro translator, I'm just a Korean fan of LCK and Faker. Recently I have read an interesting interview with Faker and I have got feeling I really want to share this with foreign league of legends fans. Please forgive me that some grammatical errors and incorrect translation but I did my best to deliver an original meaning.






He has a lot of nicknames, one of them is 'White T-shirt collector', like Steve Jobs of Apple who was always wearing a black polar T-shirt. Faker is wearing white T-shirt today as well.


- Why are you always wearing a white T-shirt?


"I don't care about my clothes, if clothes have patterns or colors, it's confusing which one's clothes are (in the gaming house). I just put on a white shirt spontaneously, but I recently realized all of the white shirts looks like mine so it is easy to find. That's why I'm wearing a white T-shirt every day.


- Like Steve Jobs, do you have any favorite brand of T-shirt?


"No, I don't have and I don't buy any. Most of them are received as a gift.


- You have an image of a model student who doesn't have any tattoo or coloured(dyed) hair. (Korea has some prejudice about the student and youth who have them. Because they are totally prohibited in common school.)


"Lots of fans have loved me as this image of Faker. Many young people look at me so I have to look gentle and well-mannered. If I do some bad thing, they would be influenced. And I have some rules for me which are 'be modest, be honest, be nice and don't swear at all.' "


- What are the best compliment and worst comment you ever heard?


" 'You are not good at gaming' makes me angry, on the other hand, 'You are good at gaming' makes me happy."


- Do you do something to deal with stresses?


"I read books and meditate. I don't smoke and drink at all."


- Impressive books' name?


" '나를 모르는 나에게(To me who doesn't know me)'. I was impressed by a quote which is 'It's important to have a habit of looking at yourself all the time.' , I'm reading 'Game theory' at the moment, I empathize that the game always has to be changing."


- How much do you spend every month?


"200~300 dollars per month, I'm not a shopping person. I always save, but when I have a meal with my friends, I have to pay so around 200~300. "


- What is the biggest spending?


"4 years ago, my family moved to a new and spacious house from 50sqm(538 sqft) to 160sqm(1722 sqft). I don't usually go home but I'm proud to see that my family don't feel uncomfortable anymore."


- You filmed the commercial with Heung-min Son. (He is the most famous soccer player in South Korea)


"We(SKT members) were filming for 5 hours but I was shown on the screen only one second. I was the one who made the most mistakes. I took 20 takes for one line. "


- When you were suggested to become a progamer, you were only 16 years old(18 in Korean age). How was the feeling?


"I thought, It finally comes. I was the top on the rank at that time so I expected."


- So you decided to be a progamer immediately?


"No, I considered. The problem was the money, at that time, progamer doesn't get enough money and has a negative image, so I worried if I fail and if I don't get enough money? However, I thought living as a progamer is quite unique life, so I decided."


- Did your parent have any negative opinion?


"No, He was supporting me as do whatever what you want. Most parents have a negative opinion about being a progamer but my parent doesn't. Maybe the reason was I was quite good at studying as well? haha "


- Were you good at studying too?


"I was quite good at middle school. Maybe top 10%? but when I got to high school, it fell top 20~30%"


- Did your father like games too?


"No, my grandmother likes to watch games, I had a single parent so I had spent lots of times with grandma. When I had a practice until 4 am, she was cheering by me until the practice was finished. Sometimes she gave me a piece of advice (about the game). She still watches every my game "


- You said you were basic livelihood(bottom 10% family who is supported by gov for the financial issues).


"That circumstance didn't matter for me at all. I could play a game whatever I want so I didn't think I was poor. I was not an person who tends to waste money. When I wanted to go to PC bang to play a game, I saved my money instead of using a bus."


- Was there any opportunity to think 'Oh, I'm good at this game.' ?


"I didn't put effort a lot in League of Legends, but I got rank 1. I suppose, I'm suited for being a progamer. I don't get mad easily. Everybody asked me how do you manage your mental? I said, I was just born like this. At a recent personality test, they say I am a robot."


- Is your younger brother good at playing games as well?


"We had only one computer at home, so he couldn't play the computer at that time, he used to go outside."


- If your children want to be a progamer, what do you think?


"I would say 'help yourself' and I could give some advice about games, but if my children have not personality like me, it would be very tough. We don't have free time. Free time in a year is only around 30 days. In addition, it is tougher to achieve a good result. It is super competitive. If you have an international schedule, studying at school is impossible, it is not a simple matter to be a progamer. You have to be really good at gaming and have a proper personality. If not, I would recommend studying to broaden their horizon."


- I've heard you refused China's suggestion with a large sum of money.


"I always choose a better way of considering future life. I chose SKT for loyalty and Korea for the patriotic spirit."


- The Korean team has performed poorly in recent international competitions.


"To be the top of a certain area, investment and talent pool is quite important. Korea had fast internet and PC bang culture. Lots of young people used to play games, but since 2010 many countries have invested such as gaming house. And also I think the gap was closed by scouting players from Korea."


- Why are Koreans good at games?


"They are suited. Concentration and desire to win is important in games, likewise, Korean players want to win than enjoy a game."


- There are some critics, 'Faker is not good anymore'


"I used to be sensitive about that but I can deal with them. Living as a progamer is like a rollercoaster. I looked back at me with a lot of defeats last year. I think I'm definitely worse than my best season, but I will do my best and get over."


- You have already been for 7 years, most of progamers used to play with you are retired.


"I don't think about retirement. I think it's time to work harder. After retirement, many possibilities remain open. I'm not good at teaching though. Since what matters most in life is 'experience' I think I'll do what I want to do most then."


- WHO recognized game addiction as a disease.


"Well, games have a kind of addiction. That's true."


- A lot of parents would agree with this one.


"Parents naturally worry if their children play games for too much time. I think it's better to talk between parents and children about how much to allow to play. If your child really likes games, I think parents should at least try to figure out why. Moreover, they should recognize a game is also a culture of play. Games are also learning. They can learn something in the process of thinking about how to win. I think it's better than forced to study at that time."


- You have spent lots of time playing games.


"I have been kind of lucky so far. When I was young, I didn't want anything if I could play games, but after I became a progamer, I always considered how I could be better. Since when I was at the top of the world, I was criticized a lot as well. However, to be honest, it is also you who know best about your strengths and weaknesses. So I don't even read comments on the Internet from two to three years ago. Not to be influenced by or emotionally swayed by others' assessments. I suppose You are the most accurate in your assessment. Nobody gives you an answer."

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