Overwatch League reveals MVP Zenyatta skin for JJoNak

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For an Overwatch League player, the biggest honor imaginable is getting an in-game skin to immortalize your play. And luckily for New York Excelsior flex support and 2018 inaugural season MVP Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon, he is the first and only OverwatchLeague player to have inspired a skin within the game.

The special MVP skin was created for Zenyatta, JJoNak’s signature hero. JJoNak’s original Korean in-game name referenced an octopus, and he has a sizable tattoorepresenting his love of the sea creatures. The Overwatch design team took this into consideration and went with a deep-sea, sci-fi theme.

The JJoNak MVP skin changes Zenyatta’s head to a large, pink octopus in a clear helmet. Zenyatta’s normal metal orbs are replaced with tiny octopuses, 


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