C9 Zeyzal: “Jensen’s like, ‘guys I think we need more vision’. Well, Jensen we’ve got 5 wards

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Esports Heaven got a chance to speak with Zeyzal about his developed playstyle, the bounty system, drakes, supports in the meta, his new teammate Nisqy and the power of the honeymoon phase and synergy.

You just beat 100 Thieves and you were personally all over the map, especially in the top lane. You did that ult to split 2 people. Is this something you have been focusing on recently as far as trying to roam more?

I think roaming more has been a priority of mine. I’ve been trying to focus on impacting the map in some way, even if that means I have to match the enemy support. In this case it wasn’t because we had a numbers advantage in my move, it’s just that instead of playing through my own lane, 


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