League of Legends Teases Swain’s Rework With New Video

LoL comicbook

Swain mains have known this rework was on the way, but the League of Legends studio has finally released the teaser video for what's to come! "Noxus has endured, because Noxus is strong. But the Grand-General Jericho Swain knows there are many kinds of strength—and the greatest leaders of the next age will be those who can wield them all," leads the teaser and we're feeling the power!

The Master Tactician is the next champion to see a rework done and it's not hard to get excited about it with a teaser trailer like that. Simple, but powerful. Some players are even joking that this Swain looks more like the champion than the champion himself. We weren't the only ones feeling the Swain vibes coming our way either. Some of the Twitter reactions to the League feed were absolutely golden:

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