Team AWP araises in brazil

LoL Gabriel “gabrielpumba” Melo

Ranked Team and Esquadrão Classe A merge their projects to build an even better team.

With the same objective of becoming one of best teams from the Brazilian competitive scene, two major Challenger teams, Ranked Gaming and Esquadrão Classe A, announced yesterday their fusion to create a new organization.

Now, the squad created by Mateus "yeTz" Vieira, the former runner-up of the first Brazilian Championship, and Rordrigo "Digolera" Haddad, the WCG Brazil champion, will play under the flag of Team Always Pró.

Team Always Pró
Brazil Yuhri "CloudPrince" Benaion - Top Laner
Brazil Gabriel "Turtle" Peixoto - Jungler
Brazil Mateus "yeTz" Vieira - Mid Laner
Brazil Rodrigo "Digolera" Haddad - AD Carry
Brazil Kim "Gigante" Gutman - Support

Brazil Marcelo "mHa" Almeida - Director

Gabriel “gabrielpumba” Melo
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