DreamHon Group A: ORGE fails to clinch, but still leads the group

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 12 August 2012 01:04
They could have been the first qualified team for the playoffs, but Orange eSports couldn't overcome Pikachu, who boosted their chances to advance immensely. Lions won their match as well, keeping four teams alive for the playoff race.

Orange eSports had their chance today for a win but they didn't succeed. For the first time in this competiton, a team that had the mathematical chance to advance to the playoffs, were beaten. ORGE had the chance, but Pikachu was too much to handle for the Malaysians. The DreamHon participant suffered a clean sweep from the team around Buch, ending the undefeated streak for yet another team. With 5-1 ORGE is still in the lead, but could be forced to sit and wait in Week 7, where they won't play because that match was played already.

ORGE's opponent for Week 6 will be Lions eSports, who still have the chance to advance themselves. The victory today against QsQ 112 holds the team in contention and gives them a scenario to overcome Orange eSports in Week 7. When Lions and Pikachu both win the remaining matches, ORGE could end up falling out of the playoffs.

The other contender in QsQ 357 didn't play today, pushing their match against QsQ 613 back. QSQ 357 have to hope for a loss from either Pikachu or Orange and at least one loss from Lions to be able to catch a playoff spot.

The other postponed match between unZ and Smackdown Syndrome, has no playoff implications left, but will be played sometime this week. unZ is still waiting on the first victory in the group stage after a promising start in the close series against Pikachu. The Mike` team already claimed a victory, but is looking for a smooth exit in the event.

Group B
Week 5
Europe QsQ 357 DNP Europe QsQ 613
Europe Pikachu 2:0 Malaysia Orange eSports
Europe Smackdown Syndrome DNP Europe unZ
Europe QsQ 112 0:2 Sweden Lions

Standings after Week 5
# Team W L +/- P
1.Malaysia Orange eSports 5 1
2.Europe Pikachu 4 1
3.Europe QsQ 357 3 2
4.Sweden Lions 3 2
5.Europe Smackdown Syndrome 1 3
6.Europe QsQ 613 1 3
7.Europe QsQ 112 1 4
8.Europe unZ 0 4

Matchups for Week 6
Match Date
Malaysia Orange eSports vs. Sweden Lions August 15th
Sweden QsQ 357 vs. Europe QsQ 112 August 15th
Europe unZ vs. Europe QsQ 613 August 15th
Europe Pikachu vs. Europe Smackdown Syndrome August 15th