DreamHon Group A: Postpone-plagued day sees Pikachu emerge - RESULTS

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 04 August 2012 00:50
The group phase of the DreamHon Summer Championship tournament is close to reaching the midway point of the competition. All groups are still wide open, but a strong performance today and in the following week could go a long way on reaching the playoff ticket. Group A was in the hands of Orange eSports and Pikachu, who won all matches so far.

A lot of postponed matches slowed down the third week of action in Group A. The front-runner Orange eSports pushed their matchup with unZ back to August 9th, while QsQ 357 and unZ will play their match August 6th - at the same time QsQ 613 will play their Week 2 matchup against QsQ 112. So the standings of this group are far away from being completed or even giving an indication of the actual group.

The two games that were played today saw Smackdown Syndrome getting their first victory of the group stage forcing QsQ 112 to give the game away. The "Mike" team is overtaking unZ and QsQ 112 in the group with that win, but QsQ 112 still has one match to play to get on plain field with the Europeans.

The other match of the day went the full duration with Pikachu and the Nineties giving it their all. In the end Pikachu was able to pull out the victory, staying undefeated in this group. The Nineties on the other side made a step back after their impressive performance last week, falling six points behind the group leader and three points behind the second team, which hasn't even played today.

Group A
Week 3
Malaysia Orange eSports DNP Europe QsQ 613
Europe Pikachu 2:1 Sweden Nineties
Europe unZ DNP Europe QsQ 357
Europe Smackdown Syndrome 2:0 Europe QsQ 112

Standings after Week 3
# Team W L +/- P
1.Europe Pikachu 3 0
2.Malaysia Orange eSports 2 0
3.Europe QsQ 613 1 0
4.Europe QsQ 357 1 1
5.Sweden Nineties 1 2
5.Europe Smackdown Syndrome 1 2
7.Europe QsQ 112 0 2
7.Europe unZ 0 2

Matchups for Week 4
Match Date
Europe QsQ 357 vs. Europe Smackdown Syndrome August 7th
Sweden Nineties vs. Europe QsQ 613 August 7th
Europe Pikachu vs. Europe QsQ 112 August 7th
Europe unZ vs. Malaysia Orange eSports August 7th