Year of the Raven Announced, off to a Horrible Start

Hearthstone Stefan “Sumadin” Suadicani

Another year for Hearthstone is starting. A new year means a new rotation. 2018 has been revealed to be the Year of the Raven. Like 2017 it will contain three full expansions, for which we only got a small teaser for so far.

Hall of Fame Rotations:

Three cards were announced to be rotated to Wild alongside the natural set rotation (Molten Giant Mana cost reverted to 20).

To me there is not much surprise in these picks, rather it is all the things not on the list that intrigues me.

Ice block was rotated, as expected. We will see whether this will finally put an end to freeze/quest mages, but I do have my doubts. Infinite damage is a powerful tool, even with lack of defenses.

I will call out Coldlight Oracle as another casualty of Shadowstep, but given the uninteractive nature of mill decks it was probably needed in the long run.

Molten Giant is part of the spring cleaning that was teased, but the fact that giant alone was chosen, while other cards like Arcane Golem or Warsong Commander still remain completely unusable after the 2016 nerf wave is questionable. Then again, consistency is not the biggest feature of Hearthstone.

Decks like Cube 'Lock or Miracle Rogue remain completely untounched, despite one being a tier one deck for several months and the other being a long standing deck with excessive use of classic cards.

More rewarding quests.

The nature of Hearthstone quests is something I have previously commented on, and while you will still have to win games for most of your quests, you will soon need to win much fewer games, just as the minimum reward for all quests is being raised to 50 gold. Baby steps, but good changes nonetheless.

Lunara gallops into Hearthstone:

Last year saw the introduction of Maiev as an alternative hero. Now, at last, druid gets its own alternative hero, Lunara. The character, which originally debuted in Heroes of the Storm will be granted to all who win 10 ranked games throughout the year of the Raven.


Off to a rough start

The real news is all the issues Hearthstone ran into following this announcement. March was the start of the previously announced ladder revamp, but severe issues with ranked play meant that ranked had to be taken down for a couple of days. These issues also caused the cancellation of a reveal stream that was meant to reveal upcomming news about the year of the Raven.

We still don’t know when/if there will be another reveal, but as the issues has been sorted out, it will be safe to assume it will happen some time in the coming weeks.


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