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Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 21 October 2015 13:05

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What was the control-heavy line-up that won StanCifka the gold? And what are the most up-to-date competitive versions of Secret Paladin?

The StarLadder LAN finals happened this weekend, just a few days before the reign of the Patron Warrior was ended through the Warsong Commander nerf. As a result, a lot of the top six players relied on the OTK deck but - almost unexpectedly - one of only two players who didn't took home the gold.

Stanislav Cifka's line-up was so control-oriented that not only did he feature a Control Warrior and Handlock, but also the almost forgotten Freeze Mage, a deck considered to be exceptionally weak in a Warrior-dominated meta. Below are all 24 decks of the six finalists:

United Kingdom Cipher: Midrange HunterSecretadin Patrons Druid
United States Dog: Midrange HunterTempo MageSecretadin Demon Zoo
Ukraine Kolento: Secretadin Patrons Face Hunter Tempo Mage
Sweden Orange: Druid Tempo MagePatrons Hybrid Hunter
Czech Republic StanCifka: Freeze MageHandlock Druid Control Warrior
Netherlands ThijsNL: Secretadin Patrons Zoo Hybrid Hunter


Does Freeze Mage have a spot in the post-Patron meta?

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No, Warrior is still strong
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