Zoo is back! This time with even more Imps

Hearthstone Stefan “Sumadin” Suadicani

Blackrock is upon us and the Zoo players are back to do what they do best, taking board control fast and never giving it back. Fortunately Blackrock has given them a new tool to accomplish this: The Imp Gang Boss, a 3 mana 2/4 Demon.

The card acts very much the same way as [card]Harvest Golem[/card] and the good old Golem is also typically the card that gets replaced by [card]Imp Gang Boss[/card]. It is a 2/4 that will spawn at least one 1/1 Imp against Harvest golems 2/3 body that spawns one 2/1.

”At least” is the important part here because with 4 life at 3 mana cost there really aren't that many ways to kill it in one shot which means that you can reliably expect 2 imps spawned from the effect. Even more so if it is buffed with cards like Defender of Argus. This results in super sticky board presence that is also very resilient to soft board clears.

[deck linked]1367[/deck]

This deck that was presented by the NA player thedeadgoldfish utilizes the Imp Gang Boss in a very aggressive manner.

Thanks to the many 1/1 spawned by the Gang Boss and the Implosions there is almost never a lack of targets for buff effects like Power Overwhelming or Dire Wolf Alpha. With the high tempo and aggressive buffs it is able to inflict solid damage and finish the game off while outpacing other aggressive decks like the facehunter.

Zoo is already making quite the return on the meta as the EU player Fox managed to take legend 1 with it, even without the Gang Boss. And as players are getting to know the new cards better we are going to see more kinds of Zoo in the future.

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