DKMR's Kisstafer quits competitive Hearthstone

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Christopher "Kisstafer" Oglivie has decided to leave competitive Hearthstone behind after nine months of tourmament activity. The news comes from DKMR captain Poach, who said the team will be looking to fill the void soon.

Kisstafer rose to prominence during the earliest days of Hearthstone competition. Regularly seen winning Managrind, 2P and NESL tournaments, Kisstafer peaked at 90% win rate in April and had another good run in May, scoreboarding a 68,75%. This was also the month when the Canadian was signed by Don't Kick My Robot.

Since then, however, Kisstafer has been struggling with tournament results and between June and September his highest was a 37,% in July. His apperances included weekly cups, showmatches and even bigger online events like Prismata Cup and the HearthStats League but neither of those saw Kisstafer in his previous top shape. Currently, Oglivie is ranked 78th in North America, a tangible drop compared to his high position in the Summer.

According to his captain at DKMR, Kisstafer has now decided to leave competitive Hearthstone altogether. Although the team just got some new blood by signing Jason "Jroc" Foucault, the roster is down to just five players and captain Poach will be looking to fill the vacancy.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to Kisstafer.  Kisstafer has decided to step down from the team and quit Hearthstone.  He did extremely well in the open tournaments during beta and into the early months of the game.  He continued to play at a very high level and got deep into tournaments that he was invited to.  Many of you also had a chance to learn from Kisstafer, he coached many players helping them achieve legend on the ladder and wrote the DKMR Deck of the Week often.

Hey may return to the competitive scene at a later date, but until then we wish him the best.  He will be missed.

DKMR roster:

United States Varranis
Japan Dtwo
Sweden Powder
Germany Faramir
Canada JRock