Kisstafer joins DKMR

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Don't Kick My Robot's roster grows with one more player as the US-based team signs Christopher "Kisstafer" Oglivie, currently under #16 worldwide and #6 in NA according to our GosuRankings.

After losing star player Alchemixt to Curse in April and parting ways with the retired NickSpags a week later, DKMR fill up their ranks by signing Canadian player Kisstafer, a staple name in the North American Hearthstone scene.

Kisstafer is mostly known for his successes in various weekly tournaments. His achievements list boasts back-to-back Hearth2P open victories at #5 and #6, first places at NESL #22 and #26 as well as runner-up finishes at Hearth2P #1 and NESL #25.

Kisstafer is the third Canadian after Hosty and Fyrst to become a DKMR member, brining up the total player count to nine. 

DKMR roster:

United States Poach (C)
United States BorN
United States Brad
United States Varranis
United States Sexistudder
Canada Kisstafer
Canada Hosty
Canada Fyrst
Japan DTwo