DKMR add JRoc to their Hearthstone roster

Hearthstone Callum “BeardyFace” Leslie

Canadian JRoc becomes the sixth member of Don't Kick My Robot (DKMR)'s current roster on the back of strong ladder performances.

After the retirement of one of DKMR's most accomplishsed players, Brad, the team were left with an open roster spot that has now been filled. Enter JRoc, a Candian player with a poker background.

JRoc has achieved legend every season since beta with a top finish of #3 and has a Zotac cup win to his name, as well as a semi-professional poker career before taking up Hearthstone.

Despite the loss of Brad DKMR have enjoyed some success in recent times - DTwo will compete in the Hearthstone World Championships later this month, while Faramir managed to qualify for the Viagame House Cup before being eliminated by Kolento and Reynad in the group stage.

Team DKMR roster:

United States Varranis
Japan DTwo
Canada Kisstafer
Sweden Powder
Germany Faramir
Canada JRoc

Callum “BeardyFace” Leslie
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