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Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 12 March 2014 22:16

SeatStory might be over and the new patch might be here but there's still a lot to be learned from the best players in the world. We have for you all of the decks of the eight SSC participants, gathered in one place. 


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United States StrifeCro Poland Gnimsh United States Trump United States Artosis
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Gnimsh's zoo

Trump's control Rogue

StrifeCro's budget Shaman


Before we move on the to the deck compilation, let's take a loot at three of the most interesting decks which made appearance this weekend.

First is Gnimsh's iteration of Reynad's Zoo, specifically tailored to do well in tournament environment. The Mortal Coils are gone due to their inefficiency against control decks (of which there were plenty) and so are the Argent Commander. Instead, we see a Leeroy Jenkins and Ironbeak Owl as finisher and taunt remover, respectively, as well as a couple of Amani Berserker to deal with stuff like Shaman's totems and most early-game Murlocs. 

This Zoo was also Gnimsh's most reliable weapon that weekend, greatly helping him in his matches against Artosis and Trump.

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We continue with Trump's weird deck-building decisions. In times where every Rogue player follows the wisdom of Kolento and builds the Miracle Rogue that draws the deck through Gadgetzan Auctioneer and kills with Leeroy Jenkins/Shadow Step, the Mayor of Value Town has taken a different approach. Trump's Rogue has that retro feeling of mid-range board control featuring King Mukla and Chillwind Yeti, which is enwrapped with both early drops and late-game finishers like Ragnaros the Firelord. 

Yes, there's a Captain Greenskin there, this is not a mistake.

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Last is the low-budget Shaman of the champion himself. Where modern Shamans like every control deck fancy their Tinkmaster Overspark, Bloodmage Thalnos, Al'Akir the Windlord or Ragnaros the Firelord, Strife's version uses none of this and implements Nat Pagle as its only legendary card.

Although used in just two matches, StrifeCro's Shaman is a good example of relatively cheap (at least compared to other control decks) ultimate deck, one that new players could safely copy and use to climb the ladder. Without Tinkmaster in it, the deck retains its potency even after the latest patch (Pagle is still good) while a single copy of Wild Pyromancer should help deal with the aggressive decks on the ladder. 

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StrifeCro's decks (1st place)


Gnimsh's decks (2nd place)


Trump's decks (3rd place)


Artosis's decks (4th place)


Savjz's decks (5-6th place)



Monk's decks (5-6th place)


Ek0p's decks (7-8th place)


Lucifer's decks (7-8th place)