Esports event

SeatStory Cup

  • Prize pool US$15,000
  • Start date 7 Mar 2014
  • End date 10 Mar 2014

Prize pool - $15,000

1. $8,000 USD 3. $2,000 USD
2. $4,000 USD 4. $1,000 USD


Participating players : Hearthstone

  StrifeCro   Gnimsh
  Artosis   Trump

Participating players : Starcraft 2

  Snute   HyuN
  TLO   jjakji

Main event: Starcraft 2

Group stage
  • 4 groups of 4 teams each
  • Double elimination
  • B03 series
  • Status: Completed
  • Single-Elimination
  • B05 series
  • Grand Finals: Best of 7.
  • Status: Completed

Main event: Hearthstone

  • Single-Elimination
  • B07 series
  • Status: Completed

Location: Germany  


SeatStory Cup

7 Mar 2014

SeatStory Cup

7 Mar 2014
Playoffs - Playoffs
Group A - Group stage
Group B - Group stage
Group C - Group stage
Group D - Group stage

News & Features

"The Nuts" StrifeCro reigns supreme in Krefeld

He entered the tournament as the favorite with the reputation of being the best player in the entire Hearthstone world, he exists the Take TV studio with $8,000 USD, the SeatStory Cup trophy and a major title to back up the "mystic" around his greatness. StrifeCro is the first ever SSC Champion.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Gnimsh enters Grand Finals of SSC for rematch

The Polish veteran and the streaming icon were the build up match in the Lower Bracket Finals with the chance to challenge StrifeCro in the Grand Finals. Experience won, as Gnimsh board wipes his way to victory in a close series with many great plays.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

StrifeCro moves to Grand Finals in SSC

The first finalist in the SeatStory Cup from Krefeld, Germany is determined. The favorite and Hearthstone star StrifeCro edged out Gnimsh in a great series to clinch a spot in the top 2 with the chance of becoming the first ever SSC champion.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Hungry Crab, Fatigue and Trump ending Artosis SSC run

Fatigue turns out to be the most lethal form of attack in the SeatStory Cup as Artosis' tournament life is ticking away with time and the deadly blanks from his deck in the end. Trump advances to the top three with the power of the crab, outlasting his opponent with his fan.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Fatigue damage kicks monk out of SSC

The games at SeatStory Cup are becoming more and more epic with the game between teammates monk and Trump ending in fatigue damage. After six games the series ended going through an epic battle and throughout all 30 cards.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Big favorite Savjz exits SSC against Artosis

Savjz entered the SeatStory Cup as one of the biggest favorites to win the coveted trophy, now he is eliminated from contention at the hands of his teammate Artosis. For the second time, the leader of DogeHouse had to team kill, just hours later after obliterating ek0p 4-0.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Artosis sweeps ek0p out of SSC

It was a short and unsuccessful SeatStory Cup for the DogeHouse member ek0p, who got swept out of the tournament today by his team mate Artosis. During the entire tournament the German couldn't win any matches and lost 4-0 twice.

Hearthstone GosuGamers

Gnimsh reaches Upper Bracket Final for Ace Rematch

The battle between Trump and Gnimsh was long, intense and with plenty of nice curve-balls in both decks. In the end the Polish TCG veteran came out on top and sets up the Upper Bracket Final of him and StrifeCro - the Ace match for the first and second season of ESGN Fight Night.

Hearthstone GosuGamers
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