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Jun 21, 2015, 1:30 PM CEST


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Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret
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  • Sina "DarK_JuLia" G ,
    1st , TBD Got this , so stronk , 8 wins a row , GO TBD Kappa
  • Viacheslav "SlobbaN" Melnichuk ,
    IG have been good, but didn't really impress to be considered on par with Secret in this semis.
  • Paul "FightingDreamer" Vincent ,
    haha its IG vs Secret again,TS got this 2-1.close fight that people will think IG will upset TS...so i hope xD
  • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
    I think Secret has the upper hand in both games if they don't give away either SF, Brew or Broodmother to IG. If they do then I can say IG has a very good chance to win both games.
  • Xu "BG.BurNing" Zhi Lei ,
    hard game for iG.. The problem for them are a bit nervous, feel scared, not confident in B/P, and may feel uncomfort when ahead in mid-game especially if they can take game 1..
  • firdaus "ayindauz" botakorange88 ,
    ig will win thiz..secret will throw for low bracket
  • Sanjai "SanChezAka" Mathew ,
    Team Secret will win this(unless they screw up) and face probably EG for a rematch.
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