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Jul 10, 2014, 2:30 AM CEST


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Team DK vs Invictus Gaming
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  • Charles Albert "jetsutter" Llacuna ,
    iG won. GGWP!
  • Rotieh "ToLDK" Zurc ,
    That ravage from chuan did well
  • AAa "Borkz" Aaaka ,
    iG would be as dominant as they were at their peak @2012 if they had a better carry player
    • William "Cormocodran" Zhang ,
      I think Luo just has a different style than that which was popular for carries back in 2012. He made some really clutch blink + multiple hero stuns in this game.
  • selkirk "Ryousuke" munckin ,
    DK throw hard. iG really clever, doom and kill sven first then won the teamfight.
  • Kain "KainLord" Lord ,
  • Toco "Toco_" !!! ,
    y ig, amazing ending
  • dell "snapcase" c ,
    no patience from DK burning Y U buyback so early :((
  • awegage "Thunderbolt" sdfherse ,
    jesus DK. activate sven ult rather early so it wont matter if he gets doomded, activate bkb rather earlier for the same reason, and then HIT RAXES WITH YOUR 500DMG + TROLL ULT INSTEAD OF CHASING HEROS & RUNNING BACK AND FORTH.
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