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NoPing fall to Evil Geniuses at WePlay AniMajor

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

The South American team, NoPing, could not survive the lower brackets of WePlay AniMajor as Evil Geniuses overpowered them 2:1. 

The last series of the day pitted SA against NA. Yes, these teams travelled more than 6k miles across the world to play each other. This after NoPing e-sports already played Quincy Crew from NA in the previous series. 

Staying true to the day's narrative written "All playoff teams must fall" NoPing e-sports were eliminated in their first series of the event. As Nahaz would say "Stats don't lie", it is becoming clearer that the teams that played more matches at the event are fairing better than those teams who stepped into the playoffs directly.  

NoPing Esports vs Evil Geniuses

 Evil Geniuses picked up Terrorblade for Arteezy, a hero he has been having much success (read: wins) on. NoPing went with a Sven —who died pretty much right out of the gate. Despite that, both TB and Sven were incredibly farmed and well played, but it was EG who started out the elimination series with a solid first game and overpowered their SA opponents. 

The second match saw NoPing pick up the Sven once again. While things were relatively even for the first 20 minutes of the game, once Sven really came online, NoPing just exploded into the game and took full control and advantage. Their success resulted in a tie and forced the deciding third match. 

In the last game of the series, and the night, EG went back to the Terrorblade for Arteezy —a hero that NoPing without a doubt later regretted allowing through. Once again things looked fairly even to start out, but it didn't take long before EG just started to stomp all over NoPing and Arteezy unleashed a brutal assault on the South Americans. A Rampage from Arteezy ends the game and NoPing's journey at the WePlay AniMajor. 

With their loss in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs, NoPing did not earn any additional DPC points. That means they don't have enough to qualify directly to TI10 and will need to compete in the regional qualifiers for a spot.  beastcoast and Thunder Predator are right on the cusp of an invite with the results of the remaining teams determining how many South American teams will be able to compete at the pinnacle of all events in August. 

Evil Geniuses was the first team to secure a spot at TI10, but it won't stop them from still continuing their journey at WePlay AniMajor with hopes to seize the title and trophy. They will play against TNC on June 11 at 14:00 CEST. 


Will EG advance to the playoffs?

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