WESG APAC-Iran qualifiers complete, next stop China APAC finals

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

WESG APAC-Iran qualifiers have come to a close with Team Vanguards taking the national spot for the APAC finals to be held in China starting January 11th.

A total of 128 teams from all over Iran participated in the national event to claim the honor of being the one team to represent their country at the APAC LAN finals. The journey was a long one, starting with the online phase taking place over the course of 10 days in early December and then moved into the LAN phase held December 21-22nd in which four teams - Leopard, OP, Se7en Gaming, and Vanguards teams battled it out. In the end, Vanguards defeated Se7en Gaming in the grand finals.

Unfortunately, Vanguards will not be participating in WESG APAC with their full main roster. Amirhossein "PhanThom" Mahboubi and Hassan "Poison" Maroufi are unable to make it to WESG APAC and they will be replaced by Alireza "Pixel" Daneshmand and Nariman "Cupid" Eslami.

Vanguards participating roster:

Iran Alireza "Pixel" Daneshmand
Iran Ali "Reality" Qara Chamaqlou
Iran Hadi "Rise" Qara Chamaqlou
Iran Mohammad "Panda" Salgy
Iran Nariman "Cupid" Eslami

The APAC Finals offer a $92,500 prize pool distributed to the top eight teams out of twenty to participate from various countries around the region. More information about all the disciplines qualifiers can be found on the WESG official website.

APAC LAN Finals prize pool distribution:

1st place: $40,000
2nd place: $20,000
3rd place: $10,000
4th place: $6,500
5th/8th place: $4,000


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