World Electronic Sports Games 2017

World Electronic Sports Games 2017

General Information

Prize pool - $1,500,000
1. $800,000 USD
2. $300,000 USD
3. $150,000 USD
4. $70,000 USD
5-8. $25,000 USD
9-16. $10,000 USD

Participating teams:
China.gif EHOME Russia.gif AntiHype
Greece.gif Team Hellas Peru.gif Team Peru
Ukraine.gif UAshki Russia.gif Ultima Thule
Sweden.gif Team Sweden Turkey.gif Unchained Esports
Romania.gif Team Romania Germany.gif Team Germany
Finland.gif Team Finland Netherlands.gif Team Netherlands
Serbia.gif Team Serbia Ecuador.gif Volta7
United States.gif Team Leviathan Canada.gif PLAY 4 FUN
Mexico.gif Learn2Gank Brazil.gif paiN Gaming
Kazakhstan.gif Team Kazakhstan Germany.gif Team Germany
Philippines.gif Entity Egypt.gif Slice n Dice
China.gif Rock.Y Thailand.gif Alpha Red
Indonesia.gif EVOS Pakistan.gif Eximious Esports
Brazil.gif SG e-sports Malaysia.gif Fire Dragoon
Australia.gif Seventh Heaven Philippines.gif HappyFeet
China.gif Keen Gaming South Africa.gif White Rabbit Gaming

Main Event - March 2018

Group Stage

-- Phase 1
- Eight groups of Four teams each
- Bo1 round robin matches. Top 2 will advance to Phase 2.
-- Phase 2
- Four groups of Four teams each
- Bo2 round robin matches. Top 2 will advance to the Playoffs.
-- Status: Completed


-- Single Elimination Bracket. All matches are Bo3.
-- Status: Live

Location: Changzhou, China China.gif


-- Europe
-- Europe Finals
-- Russia Qualifier
-- Ukraine Qualifier full bracket
-- Poland Qualifier full bracket
-- Baltics & Scandinavia Qualifier full bracket
-- South CIS & Turkey full bracket
-- Eastern Europe Qualifier full bracket
-- South-East Europe Qualifier full bracket
-- Sweden Qualifier full bracket
-- France & Monaco Qualifier full bracket
-- Denmark Qualifier full bracket
-- Germany Qualifier full bracket
-- Benelux Qualifier
-- Central Europe Qualifier full bracket
-- Britain & Iceland Qualifier full bracket
-- Iberia Qualifier

-- Americas
-- Americas Finals
-- USA Qualifier
-- Canada Qualifier
-- Mexico & Central Qualifier
-- Brazil Qualifier
-- Argentina Qualifier
-- Peru Qualifier
-- North SA Qualifier
-- South SA Qualifier

-- China
-- China Finals

-- Asia-Pacific (APAC)

World Electronic Sports Games 2017 Live Streams

Main Event Playoffs

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Group Stage Phase 1 (Completed)

Group Stage Phase 2 (Completed)

Features - World Electronic Sports Games 2017

CanceL^^ interview: " I’m living the moment and I appreciate and enjoy what I have now"

WESG European and CIS regional qualifiers LAN finals took place last week in Barcelona, Spain and twelve teams qualified for the $1,500,000 Global Grand Finals from next spring. Among them, Team Romania featuring the former compLexity Gaming and MidorFeed midlaner Mihai "canceL^^" Antonio.

WESG SingSing and SexyBamboe interview: “We just took the highest three MMR dudes from our country”

Team Netherlands from WESG 2017-2018  is a super interesting mix of two old friends, WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen and Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj who simply took the highest three MMR players from their country for this event.

WESG Team Serbia - LeBronDota interview: “Serbia has many talented players"

Team Serbia qualified for the $1,500,000 WSG Global Grand Finals. Nikola 'LeBronDota' Popović, the position four support of Team Serbia was happy to join us for a chat about the difficulties that Serbian players have to overcome, about what qualifying for a tournament like this means for his country and about his overall impression on the event. - Solo Interview: “I want to make the best out of the time I have left before retiring” have just won a Major, and Alexei "Solo" Berezin was declared the tournament MVP, taking home a shiny Mercedez. So, we couldn’t miss the chance to talk to him about his motivation to play qualifiers for an event like WESG, a tournament that’s outside the Pro Circuit and that requires players to gather in full national teams to be able to compete. 

News for World Electronic Sports Games 2017

Team Russia are your WESG 2017 world champions

During their dominant run in the Dota Pro Circuit this season, representing their country Russia, add another feather to the cap as victors in the World Cup of Dota 2 tournaments today at WESG 2017.

Russia and Brazil advance to the grand finals of WESG 2017

After the first day of the playoffs between the 8 teams that advanced, +1 representing Russia and paiN Gaming representing Brazil have advanced to the grand finals of WESG 2017.

Digital Chaos and Rex Regum Qeon among first eliminated at GESC: Indonesia

Digital Chaos and Rex Regum Qeon both fell short of their goals heading into GESC: Indonesia. The two teams are first to exit the tournament after disappointing performances.

Playoff teams for WESG 2017 are finalized

The group stage of WESG 2017 has concluded as Phase II Groups C and D finalized their rankings, separating the winners from the losers. 

The Greeks undefeated at end of Group A and B Phase II of WESG 2017

Groups A and B of Phase II WESG 2017 has come to an end, bringing back to the spotlight some of Dota's favorite Greek players in top-notch form. 

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Albums - World Electronic Sports Games 2017

NA Finals: Playoffs (Completed)

SA Finals: Playoffs (Completed)

South America Final - Group (Completed)

North America Finals Groups (Completed)

Southern Africa Qualifier (Completed)

APAC Finals (Playoffs) (Completed)

Europe - Group Stage (Completed)

Canada Qualifier (Completed)

Germany Qualifier (Completed)

Britain and Iceland Qualifier(Completed)

Sweden Qualifier (Completed)

Russia Qualifier - Finals (Completed)

Russia Qualifier - Open #2 (Completed)

Russia Qualifier - Open #1 (Completed)

China Qualifier - Playoffs (Completed)

Upcoming matches - World Electronic Sports Games 2017


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