EG take down Infamous quickly, eliminating them from DreamLeague Season 8

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With the final game of the day at DreamLeague Season 8, Evil Geniuses easily took down the South American, Infamous, eliminating them from the Major.

The final series of the day at the DreamLeague Season 8 Major would see a clash between South America’s Infamous and North America’s Evil Geniuses. After both teams lost their opening series swiftly in 2-0 sweeps, dropping them to the lower bracket, elimination awaited the losing team of this series. While EG had an extremely small amount of Dota 2 Pro Circuit Points, 90 to be precise, it was currently enough to keep them in the top 10 of the rankings. Infamous, however, were not yet lucky enough to see any points and would be hoping to make their way further into the tournament and claim some for themselves.

Game One

 EG went into the game looking the favorites, but Infamous were able to almost keep up with them through the early moments of the game – but the Radiant team were easily controlling the map, constantly taking towers in the opening ten minutes. By thirteen minutes, EG had claimed an aegis and with it, they marched through the top lane and tried to go high ground – but with a quick Ravage from Steven ‘Old StngR’ Vargas Mamani, they quelled the pressure, taking down 4 from EG’s line up.

However, just a few minutes later, knowing that their enemies had no big ultimates up, EG walked in and claimed the first full barracks in the top lane. While the Dire were always trying to defend, it seemed to no avail as EG were relentless in their pushing pressure and had racked up a 10k net worth lead by 25 minutes.

By 27 minutes, EG had claimed mega creeps and Infamous threw in the towel, calling GG.

Game Two

Infamous were hoping to up their performance immensely from game one as they were now staring possible elimination in the face. The South American team definitely begun in a better manner, but even though they were ahead on the kills, they found themselves falling behind slightly on the graphs. Once again, with only 13 minutes passed, EG claimed an aegis and looked completely in control of the game but they were not pushing high ground just yet.

By 20 minutes, the Radiant side were still holding on extremely well, finding great pick offs onto important targets of EG. But soon after this, EG found an opening to take down 3 from the Radiant team, before moving through onto the high ground mid lane and claiming the barracks. A few minutes later, as EG attempted to claim another aegis, Scofiel 'Scofield' Leches was able to steal it, hoping to give his team an opening into the game.

But it wasn’t enough for the South Americans as EG ripped through the barracks in the bot lane on their next attack and forced the GG call. Unfortunately for Infamous, their run at DreamLeague Season 8 would end here – while EG would get another life line as they moved on in the lower bracket to face Virtus.pro tomorrow.

Tomorrow the action picks up again with more lower bracket elimination series as Na’Vi will take on the loser of the currently still ongoing Team Secret and Newbee. You can keep up with all the DreamLeague Season 8 Major action here.


Will EG be able to overcome Virtus.pro tomorrow and survive another round in the lower bracket?

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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    I see what Fear is trying.To make the team versatile.But was a horrible game vs TS.Fear should go back o coaching and get a youngster in and built this team.Sorry i think VP beats hem tomorrow.
  • DB "EnjoycCocaine" Cooper ,
    and get rekt by secret so quickly too


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