16 teams, 8 direct invites, 1M. Dollars - Enter the new Galaxy Battles Major

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Fallout Gaming and Purpose Win are bringing a new Major to the Dota Pro Circuit. Galaxy Battles - Emerging Worlds aims high and wants to reinvent the Dota 2 esports competitive scene.

From $150,000 prize pool at its first season, held in June this year, Galaxy Battles organizers are making a big jump to a one million dollars prize pool and promise to bring to the Dota 2 fans one of the most, if not the most memorable Major of the new season. A total of 16 teams will battle next year at the largest indoor stadium in the world, Philippines Arena.

As a novelty for a Dota 2 Major, two amateur teams will be given the chance to join the pros into the Galaxy Battles - Emerging Worlds main event. The New Blood Championships winners and runners up along with the CIS and European qualifiers runners up will make the trip to the Philippines and all four teams will be placed in a wildcards bracket to battle for a last chance at entering the Galaxy Battles $1,000,000 main event. The rest of the 14 participating teams will come via invitational regional qualifiers and direct invites as follows:

Galaxy Battles - Emerging Worlds spots distribution:

1 open qualifier slot
6 Invitational regional qualifiers slots:
China 1 slot
South East Asia 1 slot
Europe 1 slot
CIS 1slot
North America 1 slot
South America 1 slot
Wildcards 2 slots
Direct invites 8 slots

Four of the directly invited teams to the Galaxy Battles major have been already confirmed, with Newbee, previous season winners and TI7 runners up, opening the list:

Galaxy Battles - Emerging Worlds directly invited teams:

China Newbee
Europe OG
Philippines TNC
Peru Infamous

The main event will be hosted at the 60,000 seating capacity Philippines Arena from Bulacan, Philippines January 15-21.The venue and its surrounding area will be separated into three main sections;


  • The Galaxy Battles Esports Arena - a 60,000 capacity esports battleground where the top 16 teams of the world will battle for the USD 1,000,000.00 total prize pool.


  • The Galaxy Battles Dota 2 World - a Dota 2 themed park with resting pods and rest areas where the visitors can test Dota 2 inspired beverages. The area will also include event sponsorship partners stands.


  • The Galaxy Entertainment Arena – located in an open-air stadium parallel to the Philippines Arena will host the Galaxy Battles music festival that will feature International and local artists and bands throughout the duration of the event.


Introducing new experiential event components to esports events brings a new dynamic to the overall consumer experience. What we hope to achieve with the fusion of entertainment and esports is a more holistic approach to creating an exciting and fresh way to experience gaming - said Mister Adrian Gaffor, Managing Director of Fallout Gaming at the Galaxy Battles -  Emerging Worlds press conference.

The invitational qualifiers for the event are scheduled to commence mid-November and are expected to run for approximately one month. Stay tuned for more updates about the exciting Major coming to the Philippines.


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  • pandora "pvtoleole" aa ,
    lol this pinoy...cant qualify for any minor or major..then make their not even minor lvl tour into a major just to direct invite tnc..funny pinoy pro team with funny pinoy organiser..should have just cheers for the underdog pinoy team happyfeet who got qualified for esl hamburg major..
    • James "Yared" A ,
      This is classic sports and business politics. 18 teams from 6 regions has the widest reach. So it is best to wait until the other 14 are determined.
      • pandora "pvtoleole" aa ,
        yeahh truee,but kinda annoying for those who just wanna watch good games as it ruins the tour if the strenght of the team is too far apart..need the other 4 invited team to be a good team..china and eu still have lots of good team..and hope this already invited team to step up their games especially tnc and infamous,so that we can watch interesting games..I dont really care the origin of the teams as long as they deserve it..be it a pinoy team or peru team or any unknown country team
        • earl "chubByliTs" kevvin ,
          "funny pinoy pro team with funny pinoy organiser". It's obvious that you are just hate posting. There is an obvious reason why competitive sporting events invite teeams from different regions. Your reasoning is on the same line as saying why won't fiba just invite all of the NBA teams, see how stupid that sounds. Dota 2 has to reach a more global audience and it's the right business move to invite a team from every region. I know there are other better teams than TNC at the moment in sea, but TNC is still the top team last year and the only top team with an intact roster for more than 3-5 months (Faceless is disbaneded). Why would the organizers invitee Fnatic/Mineski/HF/Xctn when they haven't event lasted 3 months together? Also, historically speaking, all major dota 2 events held in the Philippines are a hit and a clear success. Great games, great atmosphere, and most of all, no hate and racial appropriation. So stop hating man, if your team did not get invited they can just go with the qualilfiers.
    • patrick "Pornokid" castro ,
      The organizers are not filipinos. Fallout gaming is from malaysia and Purpose win is from hong kong. Please do a research before commenting a typical keyboard warrior.
  • Aoi "alkermes" Kasuga ,
    Recently, Mineski always rapes TNC. still TNC get invited. Its interesting. I'm neither TNC anti-fanshit nor Mineski fanshit. I'm just feeling that inviting team from Asia & SA is wasting a slot. infamous? what a joke.
    • Victor "darth_vicx" Chan ,
      Well, if we are talking logically, this is due to roster consistency, if you look in the past, a team with stable roster seems to get invited. If talking illogically, like you are right now, guess you need to start your own event and invite all your favorite teams and see them play.
    • pandora "pvtoleole" aa ,
      yeahh neither am I,just wanna see great team doing the best to win which will give interesting game..but this pinoy organiser is so funny..the length they will go for their pro team...direct invite SA team,really?then another 1 for qualifier..with 2 wild card and..direct invite tnc who doesnt even qualify for any of the minor or major and still have 1 sea qualifier..a lot of throw away slot just to make tnc looks good in the tour..
      • gao "rebelstand" rave ,
        this is the second pinoy tournament that tnc is being directly invited to and thats the only 2 tournament TNC has-,-
    • Carlo "sarz025" Sarmiento ,
      i think they based that on the previous galaxy battles result, where TNC placed third...IMHO


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