Changes to competitive scene following TI7

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Earlier today, Valve announced their new competitive system for the 2018 competitive scene of DOTA2.

With the International just a few weeks away, Valve announced some changes coming to the competitive scene for the upcoming season. Valve has done away with the Major system and replaced it with the Major/Minor system, which denotes the two types of tournaments in the upcoming season.

Instead of the previous Valve sponsored Major, the studio will now choose a number of third-party tournaments to sponsor, adding cash to the prize pools. Here's a list of the criteria needed for the tournaments to be considered Major/ Minor.


  • Majors must have a minimum $500k prize pool, with an additional $500k provided by Valve.
  • Minors must have a minimum $150k prize pool, with an additional $150k provided by Valve. 
  • Major and Minor tournaments must have a qualifiers for each of the six primary regions, NA, SA, SEA, CN, EU, and CIS
  • Each Major/ Minor tournament must have a LAN finals component. 


Lastly, Valve has introduced a qualifying points system, whereby individual players and teams earn points toward qualifying for the International. Each Major/ Minor tournament will have points to award to the teams based on the tournament’s prize pool, as well as the tournament's proximity to the International, meaning the closer it is, the more points are on the line! Finally, as stated above, players will individually earn qualifying points, with the top three point-earning players making up the teams total point score. This, according to Valve, allows the teams to make necessary roster changes as players will retain their qualifying points, if switched during the approved period. 

You can find the full announcement on the DOTA2 Blog here.

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  • art "loveless_act_1" ART ,
    this is great.If they remove invites on majors and minors,a lot of bigshot teams (especially OG will play )removing the unfairness of saving strats.
    • jamic "escamunich" villa ,
      Direct invites is a way to draw crowds and entice them to buy tickets beforehand. Just inviting EG OG liquid or vp in your tournament is a sure way that people will buy tickets. I find direct invites to be necessary as it also ensures the quality of games in your tournament as long as the direct invitees are high caliber teams.
    • "Booncz" ,
      nobody is ever saving strats :)
  • Michael "Phenomenal-" Thoms ,
    So 3 million PRIZE POOL for Major tournament is NO MORE... It's that what this article want say?? Only 1 million PRIZE POOL for MAJOR TOURNAMENT?
    • Guilherme "TheOnlySaint" Melo ,
      No, i think they talking about a minimun prizepool required to the tournament be a major... there is no maximum
    • Diart "Diart" Zeka ,
      No, there will not be any major anymore. What he refers to majors are 3rd party tournament with high prizepool
  • "DELETED-USER-1605788605" ,
    In another way, Valve now taking more control and shelling out less cash.. I guess they understand to make as much money as possible.. Dont think DOTA will exist past TI10
    • Guilherme "TheOnlySaint" Melo ,
      yeah, this new rules is the same as valve saying: "no matter how much you other tournaments can assemble as prizepool, youre still a minor cause we didnt give you 500k"
  • Choco "chococake" Cake ,
    Uh oh... A quick look at Liquipedia's tournament records shows only Epicenter and DAC (outside of majors) has hit 500k prize pools. So basically 2 majors a year now in CIS and CN? Hopefully, Valve has already spoken to sponsors/tournament organizers for the NA and EU region coordinate major type events, or Dota 2 is gonna become a ded game.


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