Get hyped Dota fans, True Sight's Episode 4 releases tomorrow

Posted by Muhammad "TheHague" Ammar at 18 May 2017 19:48

Available exclusively to the Battle Pass owners, the Valve documentary will give an inside view of the intense grand finals of the Kiev Major between OG and Virtus Pro.

Start counting the hours, folks, because tomorrow, May 19, is the day that the wait is going to be over for the fourth episode of Valve's documentary series - True Sight. This time, True Sight is going to exclusively feature OG and VP - two very strong teams - who fought neck-to-neck in the grand finals of the Kiev Major and is going to give us full access on their journey. The documentary will be available to all Battle Pass owners inside their Battle Pass, and is being anticipated to make a lasting impact on the prize pool of this year's International which is nearing in on $9.5M already.

Last year, Valve were able to please Dota fanatics all over the world, as they announced True Sight - "a new documentary series that takes you behind the scenes of the journeys of professional teams". The first few episodes put two teams in the spotlight in their contrasting environments leading up to the Boston Major - Fnatic and Evil Geniuses. The documentary soon gained widespread recognition for its insight into the calm and collected professionalism of Evil Geniuses and the havoc that wreaked in Fnatic after they not only failed to secure a direct invite but also failed to qualify for the Major, and disbanded soon afterwards.

While Valve has not released an exact time for the release, it will most probably be at 04:00 PDT like the previous three episodes and available to watch under the Videos tab in Steam. Leading up to the International this year, the series is expected to work wonders to make Dota fans more excited and hyped than ever, and contribute from their wallets to what might again be the largest prize pool in electronic sports history.

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