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One of the CIS veterans, former member of Empire and Vega Squadron, Andrey 'Mag~' Chipenko moves to Philippines to join Mineski.

Andrey 'Mag~' Chipenko just turned 27 today and he is celebrating at the Mineski gaming house where he’s been welcomed by his new team.

The announcement of Mag joining Mineski was made by Yammerz Yui‏, Mineski’s Dota 2 team manager, on her personal facebook and twitter accounts. There’s been no official statements released by either the organization, nor Mag. However, according to the tournament organizers, starting with tomorrow’s matches in the EPICENTER Moscow 2017 SEA qualifiers, Mineski’s roster will be the following:

Philippines Ryan 'Bimbo' Jay Qui
Malaysia Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung
Ukraine Andrey 'Mag~' Chipenko
Malaysia Adam '343' Shah
United States Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross Jr

This basically means that both Nico 'eyyou' Barcelon and Lee 'kYxY' Kong Yang are going to get replaced. Eyyou and Kyxy have been initially added to Mineski only recently, in March this year, when the Filipino organization announced the signing of Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung along with the plan of ensuring an international roster for the first time in their Dota 2 team existence.

If this is going to be Mineski’s final roster for The International 7, it will mean that the Filipino squad will be Mag’s first non CIS team in his long Dota 2 career. Mag has been around since 2011 but his first big appearance was made at TI2 with Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov, Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko, Sergey 'G' Bragin, and The International 2011 Champion, Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov who was playing in the carry position back then. Those five players went to Seattle in 2012 under the Darer tag and finished the event on the 9/12 position. After TI2, Mag played for a couple of other CIS squads until September 2013 when he joined Team Empire. He stuck with them until after TI4 when he moved to the short lived Virtus. Pro Polar. In April 2015 Mag joined Vega Squadron where he played for almost two years.

Mag’s 27 years old birthday marks a new beginning in his career and we wish him all the best in conquering the SEA scene.

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